50mm EDF P.15 Lippisch concept plane

Plane 50mm EDF P.15 Lippisch concept plane 2

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I realized that having two different wing spars was making the build process very difficult to get consistent. This new version incorporates a single spar that allows the two wings to easily slide into place when assembling. For the spar, I used a piece off of a broken carbon arrow but you can use pretty much anything. The body of the plane was also altered so that the back of the plane is closer to the wing, making it more accurate to the actual concept design. I don't have a video yet for this design but, it flew very well and in my opinion is a pretty decent bank and yank type of plane. not only is it easy to fly but it is easy to land; the throttle can be brought all the way down and it will glide softly to the ground.

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When designing the first version I realized that the plane was slightly large for the 50 mm EDF. Despite this it still handled fairly well although, I figured a scaled down version might provide a bit more agility and speed so, here it is. keep in mind that this has not been tested but, I believe that this version will outperform the previous in many ways and be more versatile for advanced pilots. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions regarding the design and or how to assemble the plane.


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