Beaglet 40 (Eaglet 50 scaled down to 80%)

Plane Beaglet 40 (Eaglet 50 scaled down to 80%) 5

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Many of us have memories of flying the Goldberg Eaglet 50 when we were just learning to fly. For those wanting to take a trip down memory lane, I present to you the Beaglet 40! This is designed to be built using FT standard build methods, so if you are familiar with their builds, you will feel right at home with this one.

In my opinion, it flys every bit as stable as the Eaglet 50.

I used the B Power Pack on this build, but would be willing to try an A Power Pack on it.

Note: the flat side of the spar goes up, and make sure the beveled end is in the center of the wing.

On the one in the picture, I used the tail wheel assembly that I designed for the Tiny Tutor. I had to cut a notch in the rudder so that the brace could fit between the rudder and the horizontal stab.

Beaglet 40 Firewall and Main Gear Brace
FT Tiny Tutor Tail Wheel Mount
Beaglet Window Pattern
FT Power Pack B Radial v.2

I would love to hear your feedback and see pictures of your builds.

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  1. Beaglet 40 (Eaglet 50 scaled down to 80%)

    Fixed the bottom of the main wing, so that it lays flat on top of the fuse.
  2. Beaglet 40 (Eaglet 50 scaled down to 80%)

    Added a receiver shelf to keep things tidy.
  3. Beaglet 40

    Just some minor tweaks. 1. added servo cutout to the spars. 2. moved the skewer holes slightly...