Bloody Rascal

Plane Bloody Rascal 1.0

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Bloody Rascal
Based on the FT Bloody Baron and SideWinder designed by Dan Sponholz

Design by: Justin Boetsma
Plans by: Dan Sponholz
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This plane came from two places. One was to find a happy middle ground between the swappable Bloody Baron and the built-like-a-tank SideWinder. The power pod was removed in favor of a fixed motor mount like the SideWinder but the controls with the single aileron servo were left from the Bloody Baron. The open fuselage bottom allows for easy battery swapping in combat events while still supplying protection by recessing the battery in the fuselage. The shape was loosely based on the Sig Rascal as I’ve always been a fan of that golden age of aviation rounded off look. - Justin Boetsma

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