Curtiss F9C-2 Sparrowhawk

Plane Curtiss F9C-2 Sparrowhawk 3.1

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Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)
3 sheets foamboard
7 sheets 60# paper or something similar
wood for spar ~11in" long or more
skewers and various little wooden stirring sticks
1/16 and 3/32 wire for gear


This is my first design. I've have not yet built a master series, so I'm coming at this with a little different perspective. Please forgive me. The "cardskin" file is intended to be printed straight onto 8.5x11 card stock instead of using foamboard like you may be used to. I did this trying to save weight and maybe make it easier, but I dont have much to compare to now.
The landing gear and the skyhook are probly the hardest parts or at least most time consuming for me, and they are of course optional. The good news is if you want the skyhook and not the wheels you are still historically accurate!

A 12-13 inch prop would be scale on this, which is kind of a tall order. I have flown the first version (that was heavy with glue) on as little as a $8 emax "2822" with 2s 2200 11in. prop, but a C pack 3s would be much more comfortable. The battery pretty much has to go in the power pod because the landing gear and wings are in the way. So that limits battery options and it takes a minute to swap but its not bad. I've mostly used 1800 and 2200 3S. All up weight with 1800 3s and D3530/1100 is 29.1 oz/ 825 g. Theres probly 3 oz of paint there:rolleyes:. It stalls very gentle and I like to see how slow I can go. I hope you like it.


Version 1 and 3.0.
The plans here are 3.1. Changes from 3.0 being: slightly bigger engine and cowl, wider top wingspan, narrower lower wingspan, and various little stuff on the inside.
Update: There is a random rectangle on one of the wings. I drew it on to measure off where to mark the cg and forgot to delete it. After some crashing, Ive found that there is a weak spot at the cockpit. The skin around that section should be foamboard. One of these days I will get around to updating the plans.


[Version 1 now has a "B" power pod permanently hot glued in after too many crashes. It wont pull her vertical but still fun. 1500 and 1800 3s feel just right for her, and they are just velcroed to the bottom now after loosing all the skin and landing gear and gaining lights, minwax, and a lot of love:)]
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