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  1. floatyflyer

    FT Mustang Build

    Just finished scratch building this mustang from DTFB and tried painting foam board for the first time! I just applied spray paint straight on the foam board and hand cut the vinyl decals. I’m very happy with how it turned out! The vinyl doesn’t seem to stick great on the paint but it hasn’t...
  2. Scotto

    Plane Curtiss F9C-2 Sparrowhawk 3.1

    3 sheets foamboard 7 sheets 60# paper or something similar wood for spar ~11in" long or more skewers and various little wooden stirring sticks 1/16 and 3/32 wire for gear Build This is my first design. I've have not yet built a master series, so I'm coming at this with a little different...
  3. flitetest

    Plane FT Guinea Pig 1.1

    FT Guinea Pig Designed By: Peter Sripol Plans By: Dan Sponholz Description: The Flite Test Guinea Pig is the perfect platform to carry out the craziest experiments in the air. While it can carry a hefty payload, which can be dropped out the rear hatch, it can also be set up to carry out...
  4. AircPirateNinsei

    AP Mini Argus (FT Power Pack A | swappable)

    Here I present you the little brother of Argus, the Mini Argus (prototype) with only 650 mm (25.59 in) wingspan. You will only need one sheet Flite Test Water-Resistant Foam Board By Adams (20 x 30 in) and a Flite Test Power Pack A (or compatible electronics) for the build. Since I only have...
  5. Tench745

    Plane McB Racer Version 3

    These are the third iteration of plans for a race-styled plane I designed to test the capabilities of my Taranis radio using electronics I already had. As such, it is designed to use the 1100kv HobbyKing Donkey motor and 5g servos. It is a 6 channel plane using one channel each for throttle...
  6. TommyTucker

    How to transfer designs from paper to foam?

    ‪I am scratch building the simple cub currently - my first ever scratch build. I am using the free online plans which I have printed on A4 and taped together. Any tips on how to transfer the plans onto the foam to cut out?‬
  7. 4A6B4EBF-41D1-45A8-AC3B-3AE153DDBBE4.jpeg


    FT Bloody Baron build
  8. flitetest

    Plane FT Racer 1.1

    FT Racer Design By: David Windestål Plans By: Dan Sponholz Description: The Flite Test Racer is inspired by modern day air racers and has a lot of the same characteristics as the planes it was designed after. This plane is a fast, crisp, precise and locked in machine that cuts through the...
  9. fliteadmin

    Plane FliteTest Nutball (demo post) 2018-04-24

    [Resource Demo Post] The FT Nutball is an extremely easy to build air frame designed specifically for our 'swappable fuselage' series (airplanes with a swappable powerpod). Click the download button to get the plans! 3D Preview Specs Weight without battery - 7.5 oz (212 grams) Wingspan -...
  10. SP0NZ

    Plane XF Bloody Brit 1.0

    The XF Bloody Brit is a 3 or 4 channel foam board model aircraft designed for streamer or full-contact combat. It also makes a great all around park/sport flyer. It can be powered with either the Flite Test B or C Power Packs.
  11. Air-headed Aviator

    Tail Sitter VTOL - C.9 Maelstrom (original design)

    I've been looking for the time and chance for long time to design and build a XFY Pogo like airplane, and now I have it! The goal is simple, build a plane that can take off from its tail and land on its tail....okay, maybe not SIMPLE, but I ma do it. I actually already have a design to try out...
  12. SP0NZ

    *Unofficial* FT Simple Cub

    FT Simple Cub Description: Thank you for choosing the FT Simple Cub as your next FT project. Our passion at FliteTest is to introduce this great hobby to as many people as possible. It is also to make that journey as fun as possible. This design focuses on both of these goals more than...
  13. ReinventingTheWing

    New Noob, Any Tips?

    Hey I'm about build the FT Explorer, and the swappable pack both flown with the Dx6 Transmitter. If anyone here has built the FT explorer or swappable pack I would love to know any tips from you guys, and am still very interested in tips from anyone else who has some experience.
  14. S

    Bloody Wonder vs Bloody Wonder MKIII?

    What, exactly, are the differences between these two models? Can the BW build video still be used to build the BW MKIII? Which is the better plane in your opinion? Thanks!
  15. SP0NZ

    *Unofficial* FT MiG-3

    FT MiG-3 Description: The FT Mig 3 is a result of a wonderful to your collaboration with one of our community members, Nic Lechner. Nic’s incredible design has been simplified so it can be built as fast as it flies. The FT Mig 3 uses the same familiar techniques that are incorporated in all...
  16. C

    Mini Ducted Fan - Vought F7U Cutlass

    This aircraft was not such a great full size plane but maybe you could take it to the small scale and make it work? I was thinking this could evovle into a swappable motor pod with a mini ducted fan for other platforms? Or even a multi rotor ducted fan? Just thinking out loud here.......
  17. aarongerhart

    FT Delta Absurdly Nose Heavy?

    Hey all, I've been into RC for a bit now, but have just recently started building my own aircraft. I decided to try out the FT Delta before getting into regular wings, and it came together very nicely... However, the only way I can get it to balance out correctly is if the battery is mounted at...
  18. agentkbl

    FPV Challenge!

    Alright, i was watching one of your videos from four years ago, and i had an idea. have a competition on building an airplane (swappable or something) through a board cam. like blindfolded by wearing fatsharks, and only able to look at what you are doing via the board cam. then have the airplane...
  19. JGplanes

    Prop overspeed? - sudden vibration

    Hello... Newbie here, but longtime FT watcher. My son and I are finally getting into scratch building, and built our first power pod last night! Yay, he's so excited! We're basically using the guts from an Ares P-51; Park 370 motor, 18A ESC, 600mA 3C battery, I think (new to this). Everything...
  20. tmack

    My first Versa Wing build

    This was from templates I cut from DTFB. The next one will be better, you learn a lot going through the process the first time. I covered the top with Yellow packing tape so we will know if it is inverted or not. We are going to fly with a power pod to start. I have an Emax 2812, so it...