1. Jonny Gum

    80" Bonanza A36 (1/5 Scale)

    My most recent project has been adapting an old balsa design into foamboard, arrows, plywood, and balsa. It will use the FT Monster Radial Motor with a 16x8x3 prop (scale size), and will feature retracts, flaps, and scale lighting. I'm trying out a couple new construction techniques with this...
  2. Flying Farm Kid

    Air tractor AT 402 B Build and cad design

    I live on a farm in NW Ohio and we see air tractors flying around us and spraying the fields all the time. In my opinion they look awesome and I have always wanted to build one. This thread will be about me designing and building an air tractor. I am designing it mainly in onshape in 2d and 3d...
  3. Mid7night

    Giant 1/4 Scale C-47

    I've shared a lot of this on social media - and I've felt bad for not being on the forums in a while - so especially now that it's flown I want to make sure there's a place here on the FT Forums where I can engage, answer questions, and connect with everyone who isn't on the "other" places. So...
  4. Taildragger

    Scale Backcountry - Big Tire - STOL Planes Thread, Scale ONLY please :)

    New place for me to post my Scale Backcountry Adventure videos, and to post new builds, tips for scale BACKCOUNTRY accessories and cool aircraft. In the title I said "Scale only please" because I'm really picky and planes in this thread will need to be based off a full-size plane, not just a...
  5. Codyprice0295

    Brag about your RC!

    New to RC or sUAS. Open Forum or introductions who are you? what plane do you fly? When did you start? War stories? Helpful info?
  6. GingerFly

    Scale foam board building tips

    Hey Y'all, I'm currently building the FT mighty mini corsair (version 2) and am trying to make it look as scale as I can. Do any of y'all have some tips for smoothing seams, filling in gaps, or just adding scale details on foam board builds? I've attached below my build in its current state...
  7. Scotto

    Plane Curtiss F9C-2 Sparrowhawk 3.1

    3 sheets foamboard 7 sheets 60# paper or something similar wood for spar ~11in" long or more skewers and various little wooden stirring sticks 1/16 and 3/32 wire for gear Build This is my first design. I've have not yet built a master series, so I'm coming at this with a little different...
  8. tesseract

    Help! How to scale down PDF plans

    How do you scale down PDF plans for planes?? I wanted to make a mini ShrubSmacker out of cardboard as a prototype, but I have no idea how to scale down plans. Thanks in advance, _________Planesandthings
  9. Tench745

    Programming scale engine starts.

    I was watching a video of engine starts recently and I thought it would be cool to have a scale looking engine start for my Dumod. I have a Taranis X9D+ and would like to figure out how to program it so that the left motor turns very slowly for a bit, then kicks faster a couple times like each...
  10. ZOHIO

    Mock Radial For Master Series P47

    Hey guys, i finally finished and am releasing my design for a mock radial engine. The engine files can be found on Thingiverse here: . The design allows for a adequate amount of room for the flite test radial engine as well as it also fitting snugly into...
  11. M

    Help! Glider landing gear

    Hi. Im building a 2,6 m scale glider. Is there anybody that has some blueprints for a retractable landing gear, with 55 mm wheel. So i can gut it out off fiberglass, or wood.
  12. FoamyDM

    FTFC20 - Build-Ruary (Build Challenge)

    February is FT-Build-Ruary Month! Hi All, Lets welcome another flying season, ready to go! I challenge all here to turn February into FT-Build-Ruary So Many Planes So Little Time: I, like most folk in this community, have a LONG build list of planes I would LOVE to build. In the last couple...
  13. willsonman

    Winter Build 2019-2020: Top Flite P-51 (0.60 size)

    So here we go: So, for those of you who don't want to sit through 9:23 of thorough explanation I'll give a brief rundown of this project. @AkimboGlueGuns planted a seed in my brain that blossomed into diving into my engineering skill set. There have been a couple of great examples of constant...
  14. 10tpeg

    Help! Foamboard weight - scaling UP

    Hi there! Im in South Africa, and plunged right in and bought 5 large sheets of 5mm foamboard. Then I built a Simple Scout as my first build, to become acquainted with the FT build tecniques. All went well, but the CG was WAY out, so after reading the forums, I designed an extension to the nose...
  15. Jonny Gum

    Foam Board Master Series PT-17 Stearman- FREE PLANS!

    (GO TO PAGE 11 FOR PLANS AND BUILD VIDEO) So I have always been around the real Stearman because my grandfather restores and flies them. I decided to make the Stearman because I had a balsa wood kit lying around for a rubber band powered model. I took the plans to Staples and got them scaled...
  16. landedit

    How do you begin designing a new aircraft from scratch?

    Hello all, this summer I have big plans to convert a couple of planes to a flitetest style of build. I'd like to begin with an Airbus A400M. However, I'm not sure how to go about getting things like the wings built, both close to scale in look but also in function. I've tried using images in...
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