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CustomRCMods Concorde 70mm EDF Jet

CustomRCMods Concorde 70mm EDF Jet 2.0

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CustomRCMods submitted a new resource:

CustomRCMods Concorde 70mm EDF Jet - This plane is very simple to build and fly, and carries all the classic Concorde Lines! Enjoy!

The CustomRCMods Concorde is an EDF Jet that builds easy with 4 sheets of DTFB, and flies like a dream. It utilizes a single, fuselage-mounted 70mm edf unit to provide amazing power and simplify the electronics setup onboard, as well as lower the cost. This plane is 75 inches long, and 30 inches wide, so It flies slow and gracefully, and has a large presence in the air. Could easily be an excellent first edf, and is a very approachable aircraft overall.

(See the first page of the plans for...
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Updated recommendation: This plane has enough power to fly well on 4s, however you may look into a 6s 70mm edf setup if you want a more punchy power setup. You actually need to fly the wing of the plane on 4s, obviously no full vertical.

Although this plane has gentle stall characteristics, anyone looking to go faster or be able to punch out of sticky situations better will appreciate the 6s offering.

You also may choose to upgrade to a higher blade count on your edf system, which will provide more static thrust.

Either way, as you saw in the video, this plane still has plenty of power to fly well on 4s.