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Foamboard F6F Hellcat

Plane Foamboard F6F Hellcat V1

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Fantastically fun build and a really really solid feeling plane. My favorite build from the master series style planes so far. If you have built one of the FT master series planes you pretty much follow the same process for this one. I built the wing first, internal structure second, skinned the cowling third, fit the electronics through the tail section and skinned that next, then skinned the cockpit area . Trim the internal structure to fit and install the wing last. Comes out super square and super strong (which is important if you fly and land as poorly as I do!). Highly recommend this build.
How do you dowload the files to a pdf? it looks like they're all adobe illustrator files
it would help a few small instructions and especially mark the wing in the fuselage
thank you it's beautiful
love this bird
Well done!!
I was going to build a corsair but this hellcat is more my speed I love it