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  1. Biko

    UMX 1/20 XP-77 (420mm)

    I've been building some simple UMX planes lately, using electronics taken from a Sport Cub S2. This time I wanted to try something a bit more interesting than square fuselages and retangular wings... XP-77 The XP-77 is an experimental light fighter developed by Bell in WW2 as an 'emergency...
  2. bwarz

    Plane BF109-G2 Master Series style - 46" wingspan Version 1.1

    A rather sturdy master series build with a 46" wingspan that has a nice glide path and flies quite prototypical on a 3S battery with a 2216 1120kV motor (I'd assume a Power Pack C would be perfect). I've attached a PDF build notes document to get you started until I have a chance to do a...
  3. Niez13

    13th Squadron Ju 87 B-2 Stuka

    13th Squadron Ju 87 B-2 Stuka Plans: 13thsquadron.com So here is my favorite plane of all time, the Ju 87 B-2 Stuka. It is the plane that started it all for me and was the first plane I ever designed. The first version I designed was for Flitefest 2018. It was too complex to be repeatable...
  4. 336724_1a14b840644159b40339fb944ccab06c.jpg


    after going through my rigorous testing program
  5. bwarz

    Plane Curtiss P-36 Hawk 75 1.0

    weight no battery 315g wingspan 29.5" (750mm) length 21.25" (540mm) motor 2208 1350kv prop 7x5E 4x3.7g servos 4 channel control cg (so far) 40mm back from leading edge From wikipedia: ========================================================== The Curtiss P-36 Hawk, also known as the Curtiss...
  6. Apple Pie

    Plane Apple Pie's B-25 Mitchell V1

    Here is my take on the venerable B-25 Mitchell bomber from WWII. Approx 1.9 m wingspan (75") built using master series build techniques. This is my first attempt at designing a plane using a combination of Fusion 360, meshmixer, and inkscape. It is not perfectly scale by any stretch of the...
  7. Mikey-101234


    I dont have any foam board right now(i need to replenish my supply) or any propellers, motors, any jet system, any actuators, or any skill/tools required to make precise cuts to make any aircraft right now(I am new to making rc planes(all ready cut my finger badly, had to get 2 stitches but that...
  8. Niez13

    Plane Foamboard F6F Hellcat V1

    F6F Hellcat Designed by: Jack Niezgoda Plans by: Steve Niezgoda This Hellcat is a very easy and fun plane to fly. This Hellcat is very floaty because of its low wing loading. It can fly fast or slow if you want it to. This Hellcat is swappable with the new Master Series swappable power pack...
  9. Zephyr1

    FTFC19 HYDRA Valkyrie - Amerika Bomber - 9 FOOT MONSTER - Designed by Zephyr1

    The Valkyrie is a massive, Amerika Bomber used by Hydra during WWII in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). It is armed with 8 parasite-suicide-atomic-bombers. In Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America crashes the plane into the Arctic, freezing himself for the future. The Valkyrie...
  10. Jetcrafter_2000

    DC3/C47 2 meters / 6,5 foot twin electric plane

    Hi guys, im building a DC3 or a C47 out of Styrodur and the wingspan will be 2 meters or 6,5 foot. The motors will be 2 Jamara a2208/8 with 200W each. Just ask if you want to know more tecnical details. My goals are: 1. Make it fly 2. Drop parachutes 3. Do everything by myself 4. Brush up my...
  11. R

    Roughly 1/10 scale Heinkel 111 : 2.25m (7' 4") wing span

    So a few days ago I started pondering over the concept of building an RC heinkel 111. I've always had a strong fondness for this plane, and found its smooth curves and eliptical wings very aesthetically pleasing. I then thought about building it to the same scale as the FT spitfire, realising...
  12. Sir Fly

    Build Log: Building My Dad's/Uncle's Guillows P40

    Introduction This thread is dedicated to the build log of my Dad's Guillows P40. This plane has a very interesting and unique history, and I have really grown quite attached to it. I am really looking forward to completing the plane and seeing it in the air, and I hope you will too! Please...
  13. M

    Scratch Built 58in TBM Avenger

    Hello, First off, this is my first post I have made on the FT forums. Over the past few months I have designed and built a 58in Grumman TBM-3 Avenger out of dollar tree foam board. I wanted to post as my build progressed but never got around to it thanks to school, sports, etc. So, I present to...
  14. joker24458

    Scale Build-Off - Scratchbuilt 62" BF109 E-3

    Here's my entry for the Scale Build-Off contest. It is a scratchbuilt BF109 E-3 with a 62" wingspan. First off, I have already started this build and covered the plane, but that was after the contest started (I started the build on Feb 7th 2015). *** Big "thank you" to Marc Stermer. I've asked...
  15. M

    Swappable B24 Liberator

    im a huge fan of ww2 aircraft and i have actually had a chance to crawl through a B24. When the B24 was on a bomb run, the P51 was often the warbird of choice when doing a bomber escort. since you already have a P51 built, i thought that you could build a bomber to go along with your warbirds...