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Foamboard F6F Hellcat

Foamboard F6F Hellcat V1

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Niez13 submitted a new resource:

Foamboard F6F Hellcat - Very fun, scale, easy to build, easy to fly, Master Series Style F6F Hellcat

F6F Hellcat

Designed by: Jack Niezgoda
Plans by: Steve Niezgoda​

This Hellcat is a very easy and fun plane to fly. This Hellcat is very floaty because of its low wing loading. It can fly fast or slow if you want it to. This Hellcat is swappable with the new Master Series swappable power pack. Have fun building and flying it, and please share!
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Motor: FT Radial 2218B 1180kV C pack Brushless Motor
Wingspan: 43 inches (109 cm)...
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Thank you. This is perfect for the 11x17 sheet set.
@TexMechsRobot Is it simple to do a 22x34 set too? I have a full scale plotter and this reduces time-to-project. which increases it's likely-hood to success.
What a gorgeous plane and good job on the plans. Just one question as i prepare to start the build: Are any of the wing spars needing to be plywood like the corsair, or does the wing hold up if everything is foam board?


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Thanks! Yes there should four spars on the plans; top two are cut out of foam board(the ones with tabs), and the bottom shorter two are cut out of 1/16 inch plywood.