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power pack c

  1. G

    RC newbie here with motor problem (FliteTest Power Pack C)

    I'm taking the plunge into RC airplanes with the FT Explorer + Power Pack C. Everything is great so far, but I'm running into an issue with the Emaxx GT2215/09 motor. Basically, everything else seems to work -- receiver, ESC, servos -- but the motor either does absolutely nothing or else beeps...
  2. E

    What type of receiver and battery for Power Pack C

    Hey all, I am new to the hobby as of August 2015 and a HUGE fan of all the Flite Test videos. I am so glad a came across these guys. Anyway, I enjoyed FliteTest so much and their own builds, that i decided to buy a speed build Explorer with Power Pack C. From what I am reading, it seems I still...
  3. Centus

    Modification to FT Flyer for THE BEEF

    Hi all, Newbie to R/C flying and Flitetest here! I'd like to show y'all my FT Flyer build that I just finished last night which includes a simple but hopefully worthy modification. Quick backstory, last week I built my first foamie (a FT Mustang) from the speed-build kit. It went really well...
  4. E

    Power Pack C OVERHEATING!

    Just finished my fourth build. It's an FT RACER with the power pack C from flite test. I'm experiencing insane overheating. To the point that I think the ESC uses its automatic shutdown feature. I'll detail the story below, but I duplicated the result on the bench and something didn't smell...
  5. G

    FT Versa Wing Prop Question

    Hi everyone, on the Flite Test store it says under the description for the FT Versa Wing, that "Electronic Pack C is to only be used in the swappable tractor configuration. To use these electronics in a pusher configuration, you will need a smaller prop." What I am wondering is what is the size...
  6. R

    Power Pack C

    Hi, is the Power Pack C (Fixed Wing Large) listed in the power pack page, good for the FT-22 Raptor? Already have the airframe just need the power pack. I notice on the page for the raptor, it (the power pack) has 1 motor but on the page for the power pack itself, it shows 2 motors. I know there...