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FT Racer
Design By: David Windestål
Plans By: Dan Sponholz


The Flite Test Racer is inspired by modern day air racers and has a lot of the same characteristics as the planes it was designed after. This plane is a fast, crisp, precise and locked in machine that cuts through the air like an arrow. Though the FT Racer is very quick, it also has a very wide speed envelope, it tracks very well, and would be a great introduction to sport pattern flying and aerobatics.​

The FT-Racer is designed for speed , just like the
modified P-51 “Precious Metal” and the Nemesis
which it is based on. Like most things here at
Flite Test, the FT-Racer actually ended up with its
wonderful flight characteristics, mostly due to a
mixture of gut feeling and luck.
The FT-Racer was inspired by the FT-Spitfire plans.
I simply started making various changes until it
started to take shape. The fuselage was widened,
the nose tapered and the tail replaced by a new
straight line design. The Spitfire wing shape was discarded and replaced by
a new tapered, slimmed down wing with added dihedral.
The flying characteristics were so much better than I had anticipated! The FT Racer
is a fast, crisp, precise and locked in machine that cuts through the air
like an arrow. It is capable of aerobatics but without a doubt, its strength is
the feeling that you’re directly connected to it. This makes it easy to do crazy
low passes and wide, high G force bank turns. Thanks to its tapered wing
and under-cambered tips, the stall characteristics are gentle and predictable
making landings easy and stress free.
I hope you will enjoy the FT-Racer’s graceful lines, wide speed envelope
and locked in feeling as much as I do. Thank you for being awesome and
supporting us, so we can do crazy stuff like this.
- David Windestål


Speed Build Kit:

Power Pack Compatibility:

Weight: 1.1Lbs (Fully assembled; without battery)​
Wingspan: 40 Inches (1016mm)​
Center of Gravity: 2.3 Inches (60mm) from leading edge of wing (Recommended)​
Control Surface Throws:
Ailerons & Elevator: 12 degrees | Rudder: 25 degrees​
Expo Suggestions: 30%​

Free Plans: Click the Download Button in the upper-right corner of this page


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