ft racer

  1. DSC_0001_BURST20200210124437851.JPG


    FT Racer, reworked to tophatch
  2. IMG_1136.JPG


    FT RACER cutomization and added cockpit design
  3. IMG_1138.JPG


    FT RACER with cockpit added
  4. IMG_1137.JPG


    FT RACER custom paint and effects profile
  5. flitetest

    Plane FT Racer 1.1

    FT Racer Design By: David Windestål Plans By: Dan Sponholz Description: The Flite Test Racer is inspired by modern day air racers and has a lot of the same characteristics as the planes it was designed after. This plane is a fast, crisp, precise and locked in machine that cuts through the...
  6. M

    Which motor + propeller to use on 120% scaled FT Racer?

    Hey all, New here on the forum, but not new to building Flite Test models and watching these great videos. Learned I lot this way! Models build so far (in this order): FT F-22 Raptor FT Racer FT Mini Mustang FT Arrow FT Tiny Trainer, for teaching my son to fly :) FT Super Bee 120% FT (not so)...
  7. T

    FT Racer on its way!!

    Hi all, Firstly, I would like to thank you for a great site! Wow! I cannot believe I might actually, finally be able to afford flying...! I taught myself over a long period of time with only my flight simulator. Then I paid for lessons at our local club around 7 weeks ago, and have not had a...
  8. Habakkukk

    Ft Racer powered by NTM EF1 pylon motor on 4s

    Hello! I'm new to Flite Test forums and really to the hobby in general(began flying back in February). I saw a thread a couple weeks ago asking about a good 4s setup for the ft racer and the NTM ef1 from hobby king came up. Well as it happens, about a month ago I mounted one to my own ft racer...
  9. D

    Recommended reciever for FT Racer?

    Hello, this is my first post to the forum and i am about to begin my first FT speed build kit. I just about have all of my materials together to start the build of my FT Racer. I am wondering if there were any recommendations or suggestions on a receiver for this plane? I'm definitely still a...
  10. G

    55% Mini Racer, Weekender ? Need your inpouts

    55% Mini Racer, Weekender like ? Need your inputs Hi there, name is Guy, i get to planes thanks to FliteTest crew. A friend of mine came to the field last day with a mini plane from Hitec, the ZIPPER. Plane was awesome and i was thinking... Maybe... Maybe... Maybe having David's Racer scaled...
  11. I

    Contra rotating props for FT Racer.

    Whilst on a website looking for something else, I spotted these: http://www.aeorc.cn/products/cr23m-1550kv-with-prop-adapter-blade.html#.Us-jiWRdVKU They're also on eBay here...
  12. Bob_Curtains

    FT Racer "Power" Issue.. Suggestions???

    HAPPY NEW YEAR fellow FT Community RC Addicted Friends, Need some help. I just finished my "General Lee" FT Racer and purchased "the Beef" from Lazertoyz as recommended by the FT good-ole-boy's. Took it out this past weekend for its maiden flight and noticed a couple of things that i need to...
  13. G

    FT Racer Build 11-16-13

    Started my second build of the flite test swappables and wanted to shares some photos of the build. I'll post some shots of how I painted it very shortly.
  14. F

    FT Slinger Electronics

    I'm thinking about building the FT Slinger(Racer) and I want to know what electronics to buy for this plane.