Heinkel He-162 70mm EDF (BETA!!!!)

Plane Heinkel He-162 70mm EDF (BETA!!!!) 0.5

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Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)
This is a Heinkel He-162 I was working on a little while ago, but never managed to finish. The plans are only about 70% complete, so be advised you might need to make up some of your own parts.

Build Skill Level (at the moment): 9/10, as it requires you to make up some parts, and also build with no instructions.
Flying Skill Level (Estimated): 7/10, it is an EDF after all.

Wingspan: I don't know, somewhere between 1300mm and 1500mm
For 70mm EDF.

Parts that need finishing (will have to be made by builder if building now:

Nose, EDF mount, all the interior (would recommend to strengthen it somehow), Canopy, and right wing (Left wing only supplied in plans, will just need to flip over). There may be more, so just ask me on the thread (Link below), and I will try to help.

Good luck!!
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