Wally Slow Fly and Big Wally Wheels Plans

Plane Wally Slow Fly and Big Wally Wheels Plans 1.1

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"Wally Slow Fly" (my daughter named him) is inspired by Laines Planes "Norman" (check that out here http://lainesplanes.com/) and community member "sundown57".
So I made some plans for a 58" wingspan slow flyer with mega big wheels and a goofy little grin with googly eyes. What a relaxing blast to fly! I had a bit of a breeze and had this thing literally stopped in mid air! Ran two 3300 4S and two 3000 3S through it. I liked the 4S better. Even did three loops! (Unintentional hee hee!) The wheels would keep spinning in the air. It was hilarious!

All PDFs are 8.5X11
There are 4 PDFs to download:
Wally Slow Fly Fuse and Tail Ltr - The fuselage, tail sections and wing ribs of Wally - 25 Pages
Wally Slow Fly Left Wing Ltr - 6 Pages
Wally Slow Fly Right Wing Ltr - 6 Pages
Wally Wheels Ltr - The big goofy "Bushwacker style" wheels for Wally - 5 Pages

Check out some helpfull tips on this thread https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/what-is-the-slowest-plane-on-ft.58456/page-16

Pro Tip: My Wally is sporting "Wally Wheels" basically two 20" in circumference Bushwacker type foam wheels covered in black packing tape. This adds at least 4.4 oz of weight in front of the CG not including the wheel collars and axel. If you are not doing Wally Wheels, don't forget to compensate the weight accordingly. You can give your Wally more nose weight by moving the powerpod forward by moving the four tab slots on the fuse forward. I may make various positions for these on future plans.

Maiden Video

Wally Colage.jpg

Wally Wheels are 2.2 oz each when covered with packing tape. Not including axles or any type of wheel collars.
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Great plans, looks like a blast to show a 7 yr old the joy of R/C flying
Thanks Cochise! I agree! It's so no stress to fly. Make sure your Power Pad Cradle is set far enough forward. The plans have it set so the prop is close to the front of the fuse. To move the cradle forward, Move the locking tabs in the fuse forward from where they are in the plans. This is very important especially if you don't use the big Wally Wheels that put an additional 4.4 oz ahead of the CG.
Great plans Rasterize. This is on the winter build list for sure. Love it.
Thanks Sp0nz. You set a high bar!