3d printable

  1. telnar1236

    Plane Modular F-104 70mm EDF Jet 1

    This is the release of my modular F-104. It is designed to be 3D printed in PLA or ABS (optional for some parts). It is a 6-channel design and flies on a 4s 4000 mAh battery up to 80 mph. This release contains full STLs, G-code, and an instruction manual detailing assembly. The supplied G-code...
  2. Power_Broker

    Large, Modular UAV Design

    I recently finished building a 3D printed plane to be used as an educational research testbed. I'm calling it the "Highly Modular Design -1" or HMD-1 for short. All files are open source and can be downloaded here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5373444. Let me know what y'all think! I...
  3. Matagami Designs

    Plane 3D Printed F-82 1.0

    Print STLS in general as single wall, 0.4mm thickness, 0.2mm layer height, no top and bottom layers, 0% infill. Print first 2mm as double wall for hoop strength and more surface area for gluing. Fuselage, wing, and spinner STLS must be mirrored to obtain left half except for "Fuselage L5" this...
  4. GingerFly

    Help! Small scale rotating retracts

    Hey y'all, I am in the middle of building the FT M.M. Corsair and am looking to put some retracts on it. Does anyone have files for 3d printable rotating retracts? (like seen on the corsair) Also, is it feasible at all to try to put rotating retracts on a plane that scale? (30 in wingspan) or...
  5. Y

    Help! Video game plane to real life

    Hello! New here but I used to play this game called Simple Planes on my phone, pretty accurate with flite physics for a phone game and looks good too! The best thing though is that you can build your own stuff to fly, and there's an option to convert your plane into a 3d printable file. Now is...
  6. SP0NZ

    Part SP0NZ Legacy Elevator Support 1.0

    SP0NZ FT Legacy (Founders Plane) Elevator Support This elevator support is designed for the FT Legacy (Founders Plane). I'll add my default printer settings soon.
  7. T2 OpenProjects

    New Project: Open Source 3D Printed Plane Project

    Intro (Skip if You Want!): I've been a long time lurker on these forums, but I do a fair bit of designing/building/flying of planes, and it has been a long term goal for me to embark on a project specifically for by fixed wing fans and put it up on these forums and become a contributor myself...
  8. StatiK RC

    3D Printable replacement buttons for Taranis X9d

    Here is a video I mad on how to print and install new buttons in the Taranis X9d so you dont need to keep using a screwdriver:D Also I printed way to many than I actually needed, so let me know if you need some, If not, they only take about 10 minute to print and cost about 1 cent.
  9. StatiK RC

    3d printable SD card case

    I've found a good 3d printable SD card case to take with you to the field. I also fly professionally so this will be useful for me here as well. Thigilink: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2097460