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3d printer

  1. I

    Solved New to 3d printing, looking for advice.

    I recently bought an Ender 3 pro and have been experiencing printing issues where each layer drifts more and more to the left of the print bed. I experienced many other issues that I have found answers for but this one seems to be more difficult. The link takes you to the photos of the attempted...
  2. Stefs Engineering

    Prusa I3 MK3 Full Assembly video's with manual timestamps

    Hey guy's! A couple of weeks ago I recieved my MK3 that I ordered in January. I filmed the complete assembly of the MK3 because I thought you guys (especially those that consider buying it, have yet to recieve theirs or are about to start the build) would like it and perhapse benefit from it...
  3. JimCR120

    CR-10 3D Printer

    I've started this thread since my initial post in the general 3D printer discussion thread to exchange ideas specific to the CR-10 3D printer. As of recent I now own one yet know so little. I have reviewed some threads on printers and filaments to get myself up to speed on this. That is still a...
  4. S

    WI Appleton/Fox Cities area fliers,crashers,builders wanted

    I live in Kaukauna wi, looking for people to fly with and maybe do a build night. Would love to split a case of ft wp foamboard a couple of ways too. I might also have access to a 3d printer and lazer cutter. Wink wink
  5. B

    PERFECT Bevel Cuts, Thanks to my 3D printer.

    So like many others after drooling over how easy flitetest makes scratch build look, I decided to ripe apart some 10+ year old planes, and a few trips to Amazon, and had everything I needed. I started building my plan and when I tried to make my first bevel cut, it looked like I tossed it to a...
  6. R

    3D Printed Spitfire MK VIII

    I plan on building a 3D printable Spitfire MK VIII. The design will be cut into many smaller parts so that it can be easily printed on a desktop size 3D printer. Here are some of the pictures of the Spitfire that I have been designing. Still have some details to add but once printed it...
  7. T

    FT Flying 3d Printer

    I know this probably sounds absolutely ridiculous, but I challenge the FliteTest team to make a plane that can fly long enough to 3d print a part for the aircraft carrying the 3d printer. I figure that if you guys can make a cinder block fly than you can somehow fill a plane with enough...
  8. aslansknight

    FPV Board Camera Mount - 3D Printer

    I ordered an FPV kit from HobbyKing a while back but didn't give any thought as to how I would mount it to my Quadrotor. (I built the Electrohub air frame from the FliteTest store.) Since I didn't have a good mounting solution, I let the FPV stuff sit in its box for a while. Since then I have...