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I ordered an FPV kit from HobbyKing a while back but didn't give any thought as to how I would mount it to my Quadrotor. (I built the Electrohub air frame from the FliteTest store.) Since I didn't have a good mounting solution, I let the FPV stuff sit in its box for a while. Since then I have built a RepRap 3D printer. That gave me the ability to design and print a custom mounting bracket.

The result is attached here for anyone to use however they see fit - even commercially, as long as credit is given. I mounted my board camera underneath my quadrotor's chassis, but the mount is designed so that the camera can be oriented in any one of four directions based on your mounting preference; there are four holes through which the wires can be threaded. See the attached screenshot for details.

FPV Bracket Design.jpg

I purchased the Skyzone FPV 200-SET (HobbyKing link - potential auto-play video warning!) so I know it works with at least this model camera.

The camera board body dimensions are 30mm x 30mm x 11.5mm; I made the bracket 30mm x 30mm x 12mm for a pretty snug fit. I made a "front bracket" but that isn't really needed if you secure the camera to the mount by using rubber bands or zip ties. The bracket is mounted to the Electrohub plate using M3 screws and nuts.

This is my set up. It's a little hack-y, but it is very stable and secure.
FPV Mounting Bracket.jpg

Let me know what you think! Any constructive criticism is welcome.


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My son just got a Printrbot Metal and I'm so jealous.... someday.
After making some upgrade parts for the printer he made a camera holder for a board camera he has hooked up to a Raspberry Pi controller so he can monitor remotely. He lives in an apartment so the printer lives in a closet.
Good job by the way, Tumnus would be proud.... (c8

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I just got a Flashforge Dreamer 3d printer and it is true that 3d printer can let me to print a lot of custom parts including camera holder and I don't need to spend a long time figuring out where I can get the parts which can fit my quadrotor.