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  1. IMG_9119.jpeg


    New FT A-10. G Bitzer, Atlanta GA
  2. Wingman04

    UMX A-10 Launcher

    I have a UMX A-10 that is a blast to fly, but a pain in the butt the launch. Out of the six or so launches by my self, one was successful. I need another person with a strong arm to get me air-born. I was wondering if anyone has any basic idea of a bungee launcher that I could build. Thanks.
  3. Wingman04

    Help! UMX A-10 servo problem

    I have a UMX A-10 with an odd servo problem. When I move the rudder stick, about half of the time the servo will go in the desired direction but will stick for a bit, come back, and then will usually start jittering like crazy. I also noticed that the servo motor becomes EXTREMELY hot. Other...
  4. J

    A-10 project

    This isn't an ft design, just thought I would share.
  5. S

    Does my DX6i not work with a Horizon Hobby UMX A-10 bind and fly?

    I just picked up a Horizon A-10 thats a bind and fly. I can get everything BUT the throttle to work. Aileron, rudder and elevator all work, as does the AS3X, but the throttle does not work. Anyone with a similar problem or issue? The guy at the store assured me a DX6i would work with it... well...