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Help! UMX A-10 servo problem

I have a UMX A-10 with an odd servo problem. When I move the rudder stick, about half of the time the servo will go in the desired direction but will stick for a bit, come back, and then will usually start jittering like crazy. I also noticed that the servo motor becomes EXTREMELY hot. Other times it works without a problem. I bought the plane used, but it was in great condition. I have wrecked it about half a dozen times. I also get an abnormal number of fades and hold. With that being said, I'm not sure if it's the servo or if it's the Rx/ESC. Any help would be appreciated.
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Great! But just two questions,
Where are the sensors located on the servo?
How does that stop the overheating?
I just squirted the whole thing (with no battery attached) and manually spun the little gear back and forth so it went to the ends of it's travel range a couple times. The sensor is buried somewhere in there and tells the servo controller what position it's in - and when it got dirty, it confused itself and jittered all over the place, overworking the motor and heating up. Hopefully the issue you're having is as simple as that and not something more permanent frying on the receiver board :D