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  1. N

    Need help with airfoil dimension.

    I am currently designing a RC plane in SOLIDWORKS . Airfoil = s1223 Chord = 140mm wing span= 1 m I got coordinates of an airfoil from "http://airfoiltools.com" by putting chord length (140mm) only. But after importing the coordinates to Solidworks and making dimensions, I was surprised because...
  2. cloudseeder

    Winter is coming. Need a snow-worthy plane. Recommends?

    I’ve taken my starter, E-flite UMX Radian through its paces. I want a plane with ailerons, and at least notably larger as well. Thing is, snow is coming soon and I need to pick a plane that can land (also, preferably takeoff - not hand toss) on snow.... obviously, the I’d pack the snow runway...
  3. Wingman04

    Help! Jittering Servo

    I have an E-Flite Timber and have been having a problem with the right aileron servo jittering when the stick is in a certain position. Rebinding and wire rerouting haven't helped. It only started after I replaced the other aileron servo, but I have no ideavwhy that would have any affect...
  4. D

    Ailerons - two servos one input

    Hello all. I have been looking all over flite test.com and YouTube to find out how am I supposed to connect two servos to one aileron input on my 6 channel spectrum receiver. Do I need to buy yet another Y harness for these? Or am I supposed to use another input and configure it in the mix of...
  5. Maingear

    FT Flyer with Ailerons Solves CG Issue

    My Flyer was tail heavy so I added a micro servo, two rods, corndog stick ends (control horns) and cut some foam..... WOW! Completely different flight characteristics! It's doesn't bobble around in a light breeze, rock solid entry and exits out of turns. Ailerons should be part of the basic...