1. Azahari

    Dual Robot Arm Airplane Drone

    Hi, my name Azahari. I'm from Malaysia. I designed a Dual Robot Arm Airplane Drone. Feel free to build, sell, commercialize AEROBOT. "AEROBOT" by AZAHARI is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Download AEROBOT here...
  2. J

    Good first 3D and/or Sport Plane

    I know the guys are about the review the graupner HotTrigger but I wanted some input on what people think is the best 3D/sport plane. Some example of what I'm looking for...
  3. O

    Traxxas motor

    I have been given a Velineon 3500 motor, which comes out of an R/C car. Is there any reason I cannot use this in an airplane? I hate to waste a good (free!) motor.
  4. M Fly-in Extravaganza July 26th. Baylands Park Sunnyvale Ca.

    All are invited to's first Bay Area fly in! I'm excited and it's coming up quick!. It's a day full of new faces, flying and fun. There will be several competitions through out the day as well as a BBQ and Raffle. Raffle prices include multirotor equipment form Quadrevo and...
  5. MojoFlyer

    Airplane extraction after tree "Landing"

    Parked/Landed my FT Tiny Trainer high up in a pine tree this evening after work. Tromped around in the thicket of vines and smaller trees below breaking rotting limbs off to try and throw at my plane. I hit the plane a few times, but it didn't budge. Got all scraped up in the process. Then...
  6. B

    Drone Plane

    A challenge to the inventional person. A quad-copter and airplane hybrid. It has to land vertically and have four motors that are arranged in a configuration that is in a normal quad-copter frame. I would love to see this in a way for this idea to work. once creating the frame, then make it...
  7. gustyk

    RC anyone? So let's see modelers...

    Way cool to see... may be this is my next RC project
  8. T

    Ultimate Airsoft Warbird

    Hello, I suggest you should build mini airsoft gun inside warbirds to have realistic dogfight. The small airsoft guns should be on the wings like real planes, such as supermarine spitfire.:D
  9. F


    I put my 64mm edf Dr. mad Thrust on my home made FT 22 Raptor with a 4 cell 2200 mah heres the Video sorry didnt have anybody to video it so had to just set the camera on the ground! flew great with no trim! :)
  10. C

    Funny Seagull Spacewalker Accident!

    Video I recorded a while back. I saw he came in pretty hot and close to the fence, I wanted to see him taxi it back. I'm sure glad I did! Plane suffered absolutely no visible damage. Funny video
  11. C


    Hi, this is my first post on this website, so might I say that I absolutely love what FliteTest is doing for the RC community, and the content they bring to us. I wanted to ask if you had ever thought of doing an episode on the Plantraco micro kits, such as the Shoestring? I think this would be...
  12. spencertrejo

    Multiwii Airplane RTFQ (witespy)

    Not sure where else to put this, but i'm working on a project to use multiwii boards for airplane mode. So far, testing is going well. I've tested stabilize mode and Horizon mode, both work very well. I've attached a couple pics of how it is working. Will also upload some...
  13. O

    XMAX-401 Quadcopter Flight

    Hey Flitetest friends! Here is my scratchbuilt quadcopter I call the "XMAX-401" or "The Pancake Quad"! Please tell me what you think and how I can improve it! Thanks! :) I switched the triangular landing gears into foam noodle landing gears to get softer landing!
  14. tw-ryder

    FT this is all your fault...

    Due to the entertaining nature of your well produced videos, I have suffered great physical abuse, overwork, and constant demands against my time and very limited resources. Most seriously, your group has endeavored not only to make instructional video fun and creative, but Flite Test further...
  15. D

    Gee Bee PDFs

    I turned the thread into an article.
  16. wingspan100

    OFFICIAL Video Collection Thread

    Over time, I will be adding videos to this thread. These flying videos can also be seen on our YouTube channel.