1. fluffpilot

    E Flite Apprentice replacement tailfeather fabrication

    Spent last night setting my Apprentice S 15 up on my DX6e transmitter, got it all working properly and ready to go, got hyped to leave. Packed the car and then spent the morning working on someone else's car instead of flying. Finally went out to the airfield this afternoon to try out my new...
  2. chris398mx

    Solved Alternate motor for Apprentice

    Does anyone know what motor would work for the apprentice that wont cost $70? My brother in law has one and is in search of a more economical replacement motor.
  3. S

    Elevator problem when switching mode on e flite apprentice

    When switching from beginner to intermediate mode on my e flite apprentice the elevator changes position causing the nose of the plane to rise!........ If anybody know why, i would be very grateful :confused:
  4. tmack

    Pilot Error Rubber Band Strength

    I have had my share of busted props, bent landing gear, lost a horizontal stabilizer, but never a major wipe out. The fuselage stick on the Slow V was very weak and I had to replace that a couple times, but for my regular planes we were pretty uneventful in terms of crashing until recently...
  5. NuckNogAir

    Apprentice S15 Questions

    I bought the Apprentice and a DX6i transmitter. I am having extreme difficulty on the setup of this machine so far as getting it to fly like an intermediate plane. I currently have the flap switch setup to alternate between beginner and advanced modes but even switching the toggles on the...
  6. S

    Intermediate Plane Suggestions / Reviews on BNF/RTF new releases

    It would be nice to see some reviews back on the show, especially on some of the new product released by HH. Examples like the pulse15e, night visionaire and ultimate2 for example. Also helping to give some advice on finding a plane that is suited to bridging the gap between a trainer such as...
  7. A

    need help

    hey guy well here is the deal i got the apprentice rtf with safe i was doing some crazy flying and well blew my plane to bits at full speed into a well all the gut are great here is my question can i take the 3 pieces of foam board and the guts from my apprentice and make a swapable...
  8. M

    Beginner Level

    Hello, I am a new pilot and my most recent plane is the Champ by Horizon Hobby and I looking into a new plane and I really fell in love with the E flite apprentice s 15e with the SAFE system. I was just wondering if this would be a good for me. I saw the video by Flite Test but just wondering...
  9. U

    DX5e Trim Issue

    Hello all. I just got the Aprentice S 15e after owning the mini super cub and the parkzone um p-51d. The DX5e is however, my first full range digital tx. All has been well after recieving the RTF setup on friday. I flew it and it worked. Now, however, the radios trims do not function or even...
  10. T

    Am I getting reasonable range out of my DX5e??

    I am currently flying the e-flite Apprentice S15e RTF which comes with a DX5e. Within the last month or so I decided to convert it so I can fly FPV and that has been going great. I made a range test video (as seen below)... and according to my OSD flew a max distance of 868meters before getting...
  11. S

    Took the apprentice and myself out for a test today in the high winds

    Winds were 15-25 mph (per the airport atis) today at the park we fly at. I knew the winds were honking but the field we fly at is 1200'x500', and the winds were running right down the long length of the field. My buddy and I each have an apprentice with the safe system, and I just got a new...