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Hello, I am a new pilot and my most recent plane is the Champ by Horizon Hobby and I looking into a new plane and I really fell in love with the E flite apprentice s 15e with the SAFE system. I was just wondering if this would be a good for me. I saw the video by Flite Test but just wondering? Thank you -Mitch Duncan


Welcome to the forums, Mitch!

I do not have personal experience with the Apprentice, but it seems to be held in very high regard by those that do. It definitely seems to be one of the top trainers on the market at this time. I wouldn't hesitate to go with it. Best of luck!


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I too haven't flown that, but as Teach said, everyone seems to like it. You may also consider the delta ray, as another option. Either of those seems to be very much loved and would be a great 2nd airplane.



I have both the Delta Ray and Apprentice s15. I bought the Delta Ray at the LHS and did not know that my wife had ordered the Apprentice for me until it showed up about a week later. Since I got it, the Delta Ray has not come out very much. Both are great planes but I just love the abilities of the Apprentice. Depending on where you will be flying. The Delta can be flown in a smaller space but can't take off on grass. It needs to be hand launched. The Apprentice handles my grass but needs a larger space.