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    Quad Not Arming Correctly HELP!!!!

    So, I've been flying my x:bolt 250 drone LOS for a bit now but I've always had an unusual problem, when i arm my drone, i have to 1st: turn on the drone and wait for receiver to start flashing. 2: hold power and bind button on my tx / wait for it to bind 3. by this point its binded and if i...
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    spracing f3 motor not spin by throttle

    Dear all, i have problem with my new buil QAV-R220. Why the motors can't spin when i open the throttle but they can spin when i move sliding bar on clean flight interface (tab motor) From receiver tab, i can see every channel indicator moving when i move the transmitter stick. I have change...
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    KK2.1.5 Refusing to arm!

    I recently built up David's Tricopter v3 with a kk2.1.5 flashed with steveis's latest 1.9 s1 firmware. My transmitter is an OrangeRx t-six with a orx dsm2 receiver...
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    DragonFly tail servo tilts all the way to right when armed

    FIXED: firmware re-flash. DragonFly tail servo tilts all the way to right when armed Hello all, I just finished my DragonFly build and I have a odd behavior. At least to me I am running CleanFlight 1.9 with a Naze32 and all stock components from the FT kit, with electronics from FT. When...
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    Spektrum DX6i not properly connecting to Naze32 through Cleanflight

    Hello all, This is my first build, a QAV250. I am using a friend's DX6i in order to save money for the time being. I purchased an OrangeRx r615x to go with it. The naze32 came in the mail today and I have been following along with Flite Test's Naze32 video. I have done the accelerometer...
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    Naze32 Arming Problems

    I have a custom build Tricopter (using the RCexplorer frame; and most of the recommended build components) Its set up with the Naze32 and Lemon featherlite DSM2 transmitter. I've programmed one of the aux switches for arming/disarming; and a separate switch to toggle horizon mode. The maiden...
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    Hi, I am making my first quadcopter and I am having trouble arming it. I am using a KK2 board and a 9XR radio. The KK manual says to put 0 throttle than hold the right rudder but that doesn't seem to work. Could you guys help me how to arm the quadcopter.