1. Taildragger

    Plane Double Ender - STOL Redefined PROTOTYPE 1.0

    Basic plan for now... more to add later Thanks to @SP0NZ for the plan format currently page 1 is a little bigger than 1 sheet of foamboard For the landing gear, watch the FT simple cub build video For the wheels, watch the FT bushwacker build video For anything else, PM me. Specs: 40in...
  2. Taildragger

    Scale Backcountry - Big Tire - STOL Planes Thread, Scale ONLY please :)

    New place for me to post my Scale Backcountry Adventure videos, and to post new builds, tips for scale BACKCOUNTRY accessories and cool aircraft. In the title I said "Scale only please" because I'm really picky and planes in this thread will need to be based off a full-size plane, not just a...
  3. ScratchBuildMast

    Who is excited about the P51 master series?!?!

    I know I am, I am so looking forward to building this with my dad!! His all time favorite plane is the P51, and I am looking forward to building the Bf109 to “battle” with him. Plz post mostly P51 related stuff in this thread! Thanks, Meh
  4. JJonis

    I LOVE this FORUM!

    Thank you Flite Test for this forum. It is awesome.
  5. D

    New Plebe Reporting for Duty

    Hey guys, Just wanted to say thanks for such a great resource. I've been into quads for a couple of years...started out with the toy ones (Syma X1 and Hubsan X4). Got pretty comfortable flying those and decided last year to build my first quad. After collecting parts for awhile, I finally...
  6. C

    Horizon Hobby Conscendo S Review The Concendo Z is a parkflyer (59" wingspan)...
  7. T

    FT Racer on its way!!

    Hi all, Firstly, I would like to thank you for a great site! Wow! I cannot believe I might actually, finally be able to afford flying...! I taught myself over a long period of time with only my flight simulator. Then I paid for lessons at our local club around 7 weeks ago, and have not had a...
  8. R

    Sovereign CTX-5

    CTX-5 for sale brand new in box un-opened. $450
  9. K

    64mm Awesome looking edf versa wing fpv

    Hi guys, i am building an edf versa wing for my DT GCSE, its pretty much finished now and i was wondering if anyone had any comments on it. I will be posting an article as soon as i have some nice footage but that may not be until after the project is submitted so ill post some images and a...
  10. D

    "The Towel" Brooklyn Aerodome

    I heard of "The Towel" (or to the Brooklyn areodomers, the Flack) wingplane a while ago in a MAKE issue, and I ordered some of the parts and am going to build it. Can you guys do a review, Or has anyone else built it and thinks it is awesome?
  11. B

    Tolite Paper Challenge Sugestion

    I have a challenge suggestion. Take one of you scratch build planes and attach tolite paper to it so it can flow out. Then use this to teepee something.
  12. D


    Hello everyone, Brand new member. Hooked on watching all the videos. Now I had a crazy idea. After watching the crazy video with David and his rocket plane, I was thinking, what if those rocket motors could be used as missiles. Have them hanging under the wing an some sort of slide so it can fly...
  13. jamiedco

    The One Take Wonder

    Hello All I am proposing a new video style called "The One Take Wonder" in witch you do a single flight from take off to landing with cool stuff in the middle . this form factor is aimed at showing a pilots true skill and not there editing skill . I believe it will make for some great pure fpv...
  14. J

    p-51 swappable

    i bought the spitfire swappable and it is amazing but it hink that a p-51 would be even better. It would look so cool and go good with the spitfire.c
  15. IBeHoey

    Just finished the 9X Frsky DJT Telemetry mod...

    over the weekend and wow, it was a doozy. I gotta say, there's no better feeling than doing a bunch of work on something, and having it work on the first try. In hindsight, I should have snapped some pictures before I clobbered it in hot glue but, oh well, it works!! Has anyone else performed...
  16. J

    Spring Loaded Launch - Quadcopter

    I had an idea the other day while I was watching a video about the "Sand Flea" - I was thinking about building a spring loaded launch assembly for my Q450 Quadcopter, using a servo and a compression spring, or perhaps some type of piston? The whole idea...
  17. Hamdhan

    Some Challenges and other suggestions

    - Have an EDF jet race. Maybe Josh Bixler and Chad or David - Deliver a birthday gift to a friend on a quadcopter/tricopter - Review an EDF from HobbyKing perhaps and maybe put it on a plane and blast away! - Scratch build a plane and take it as high as possible and get photos from...up there of...
  18. colorex

    - Neckstrap of Awesomeness - Official Thread -

    - Neckstrap of Awesomeness - - Official Thread - This is the place to talk about the Turnigy "Neckstrap of Awesomeness"! You can get it here for less than a buck! Feel free to post any picture or video containing a neckstrap of awesomeness...

    Cocoa Beach Airshow!!!

    the cocoa beach air show is amazing. here is their website url it is November 5-6 this year and tickets are on sale!:eek: any responses? post below!