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  1. J

    best beginner balsa scratchbuild ?

    ok so i recently received this pack of balsa for christmas http://www.amazon.co.uk/DMF-Products-SM2-Balsa-Wood/dp/B007LXOFMI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1388586117&sr=8-1&keywords=balsa and am dying to build a balsa plane but want a good simple one to get started with. ps: i have been scratchbuilding...
  2. sdabiker

    Converting Glow Glider to Electric - What to Use?

    Hello All, I am somewhat familiar with electric power systems thanks to the FT beginner series and research, but I am completely lost on what system to buy for this glider that I am working on. I was given an Ace High MkII. It is made of a balsa fuselage with a foam wing. It use to have a...
  3. jsut210

    DLG Wing Advice

    Hey guys! I'm building the Mimi DLG out of balsa and had some questions regarding the wing. My issue is pretty much that I used some less than quality balsa for the outer section of the right wing and it is now unbalanced. This means that one side of the wing is heavier than the other. I have...
  4. Johan

    Look what I found, laying on top of a closet!

    Not fully appropriate to post in Electric (being intended for a rubber band), but it is a warbird :) I just suddenly rememberd that just before I moved to our current house and married I had bought a small balsa plane: Hawker Tempest Mk V.. It had been lying on top of a (10 foot/3 meter...
  5. D

    A bigger stick

    Ok, A little while ago I posted some pics of the stick style fuse I made for a leftover wing we had, and mentioned that I'd like to scale it up a little and build up a wing as well. So I did, and this..hopefully will be a build log for my stick. I drew up the plans myself in CAD. Pretty much...
  6. C

    Balsa Flying Wing, help with power system !!!! ASAP

    Hey I'm making a balsa flying wing for a school project. I designed it on profili2 and sketchup and all is going well but, I'm not sure what power system / gear i should choose. The wingspan is 1.3m (about 51" inch), and i would prefer if i could by all the electronics from HK. I'm hoping to be...