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Balsa Flying Wing, help with power system !!!! ASAP


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Hey I'm making a balsa flying wing for a school project.
I designed it on profili2 and sketchup and all is going well but, I'm not sure what power system / gear i should choose.
The wingspan is 1.3m (about 51" inch), and i would prefer if i could by all the electronics from HK.
I'm hoping to be able to go vertical, i was thinking of using 10x6" of maybe a 8x6" prop,
but still that could change.
Also i need some suggestions for the motor and esc especially.
Also need some ideas in what servos should i choose, preferably metal gear, (only need 2 of them).
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You didn't post the weight of your wing, would be helpful. Also are you looking for speed or efficiency?

On our 55" flying foam wings we have had good luck with the tr3530 1700kv motors with a 7x6 APC style prop.
If you are wanting to use a bigger prop the 3530 1400kv motors also work well with a 9x6 APC prop, this is the more efficient of the two setups. The planes we use these on are around 32 oz allup


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I'm not familiar with either on of those motors but they appear to be well suited for the size plane you are building. Looks like the smaller of the two recommends a 9x6 like you are planning to use. Build the wing light and I think you'll have a fun ship.


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This is a posible servo that you could use. There are lots of options to pick frombut these have a good rating and are MG servos like you wanted. Hope this helps.


I am not familiar with those motors either but they look like they will get the job done. Do you have any "twist" or "washout" in your wing? Do you have a picture form SketchUp that you could show us? It sounds like a cool project.

If you are looking for basla wood. This website has a good selection to pick from.
Build your airframe first and get a weight. Add the weight of a 3s 2650 mAh battery, two servos, receiver, ESC (The 55 amp will be fine), and the 3542 motor. If the weight is closer to the 32 oz then that motor with the 3s battery and a 10 X 6 prop would be fine. If It is closer to the 52 oz then your other motor choice (3548) with a 4s LiPo and a 13X6 prop would be the better one.