1. agupt108

    Solved 1/16in balsa firewall cannot take 2300kv motor power

    In the FT tiny trainer build, I am using a 1/16" firewall of balsa, however, it is splintering on full throttle with a 2300 kv motor and 7x5 prop. The motor flies out with the screws, shattering the balsa. What is alternative firewall material I can use? Basswood?
  2. floatyflyer

    Willy Nillies J3 Cub Build Log

    I finally got my Willy Nillies kit in! This will be my first balsa build, which may be a little ambitious as there’s no instructions included with the kit. But they have some reference photos posted on their forum as well as a time lapse build video which I’m planning on using. Has anyone built...
  3. Minton

    First Scratch Build

    About a month and a half ago I ordered the FT Trainer kit along with everything else I needed to get started with RC aircraft. I had such a blast with it that I decided to try and design and build my very own plane. I'm new to flying planes but had previously modeled an RC plane for my school's...
  4. Vincent1289

    PLA/Balsa motorglider project

    Started (almost finished) this CAD model of a balsa Motorglider with 3D printed PLA wingribs & Fuselage. It'll be very fun and interesting to combine new & old techniques. Wingspan: 2300mm (90.55") Length: 1365mm (53.74") Motor: Aerostar 800kv ESC: Aerostar 60amp Battery: 2200mAH 4s I'm...
  5. 10007513_10201402897667621_85841024_n.jpg


  6. 1545623_10201078984329990_453235098_n.jpg


  7. 1489262_10201078990410142_1011990837_n.jpg


  8. 1453222_10201078987370066_1101925889_n.jpg


  9. 273540428_390771335808513_7801475161959421801_n.jpg


    top cap balsa build cut off my laser
  10. 273055255_1037933567078307_4192255627899323099_n.jpg


    top cap balsa build cut off my laser
  11. 276974876_495717978728774_7364646482238497980_n.jpg


    top cap balsa build cut off my laser
  12. Jesse Dupreez

    Glider plans

    Does anyone have balsa glider plans that i can use to turn into foam plans? I will make it 1m wing span and use a f pack motor on it And i want to try out fusion 360
  13. Qwenther

    Balsa Robelen's Parakeet Biplane

    I acquired a partially built Parakeet biplane a while back, and I've been planning to finish that model as a converted electric for years. I only recently however found hidden in my stash of miscellaneous parts a motor that might have the juice to power it. I had an Eflite Power 15 motor lying...
  14. 35A83CBB-86AE-4765-9930-F303CD257666.jpeg


  15. 8C7B13A0-875C-48D7-AEF8-AB736930E4F8.jpeg


  16. 664CFBBF-B523-4721-85CE-FBB4532835F1.jpeg


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  18. 5AEE191E-1357-4288-9FC7-18B4F4C858D8.jpeg


  19. GliderFlyer

    Airtronics Olympic II electric sailplane build

    Well its about time for me to start building this kit now. It was gifted to me by another member of my local flying field a few months ago, and I am determined to make it the best sailplane I have ever built and have it do excellent in competition. I have not done an inventory yet on parts. Here...
  20. hitjim

    Help! Dumas 302 30" Gee Bee E Power Pack Selection

    Hey folks! I'm planning a RC conversion of a 30" Gee Bee Model E by Dumas. It's been done before but with some out-of-date HobbyKing gear. I figured I'd try a Power Pack A...