1. F

    Help reversing yaw in Cleanflight Configurator 1.10?

    Hi all, I am not able to find the yaw reverse options for the tail servo in Cleanflight 1.1.0 configurator, has anybody had the same problem and resolved it? I feel my options are in CLI somewhere. Thanks in advance.
  2. S

    tricopter batbone help

    I have recently purchased the batbone, love it by the way. it took me awhile but I got it to hover inside and's the thing that I try to get if it tried to give it throttle and it wants to do a backflip It Tries to Inverter itself I have the self level on. I mean it hovered in my...
  3. U

    V-Tail Batbone troubleshooting

    Specs: KK 2.1.5 board Multistar Aerodrive SK3 - 2822-1275 Multistar 15amp ESC 1800amp 3s battery 8x4.5 sf props So ive rebuilt this twice after accidentally setting up my battery connector with the polarity reversed the first time (DOH!). It does fire up correctly now, but i can not get it...
  4. T

    FT BatBone Upgrade

    I Posted an article on the main site about my Bone Plate, I have parts for 5 more kits, priced $15 each, plus shipping to you. I am located in the Greater San Diego Area, and am willing to ship the item to you with...
  5. H

    Stock Batbone motors really hot

    I am running an almost stock batbone tricopter the only changes are the escs to 30 amp ( just what was in stock at the time) and 8 4.5 props instead of the recommended 8 4 props. (again what was in stock at the time). after flying for a few minutes the motors will get hot to the touch, sometimes...
  6. H

    Bat Bone Motor Cut Out/ Power Failure

    I seem to have run into a snag building a bat bone tricopter i am using all recommended parts from the plans on the store except the escs are 30 amp instead of 10 or 15 amp( just what was in stock at the time) . The issue is that on a fresh charged battery all 3 motors will start spinning i can...
  7. G

    Batbone/Tricopter Gimbal mounting - pictures/suggestions

    Hi everyone, So I've built my first tricopter (FT Batbone) and have taken CPO's zip tie idea and created a gopro camera tray mount. All good so far and I'm just practicing flying. In the future I would like to attach a gimbal so I've been researching. The Flitetest motor mounts don't give...
  8. K

    New BatBone V-Tail BuildLog

    Hello fellow FliteTesters. In the spoiler is a quick introduction about me: So I have the plans on building myself a batbone v-tail (the upside down v-tail like in the batbone video at the factory). I have not yet ordered anyparts yet because i would like to abuse your knowledge about...
  9. Z

    Batbone or the original tricopter body?

    I'm thinking of building a tricopter and can't decide whether to get the Batbone, David's original tricopter body or maybe some other one. I'm also thinking of using it for filming purposes. What are the advantages and disadvantages with them? Thanks!
  10. A

    Calling All Experienced Multirotorists, beginner in need of some advice.

    I have built a tricopter and I think i have not properly matched my major components. I will start by admitting that I don't really know what I am doing. I finally put together a working machine and flew (crashed repeatedly) for a few minutes. I was experiencing a lot of problems getting a...
  11. L

    New Tri Build, Feedback would be great

    New Tri Build Log, Feedback would be great Im starting my first tricopter build, well actually my first r/c build and I`m doing this thread so that if I make a mistake maybe someone can help!:confused: Here is my list of parts: Frame: Bat Bone Tri 370 Kit Flight Control Board: Hobbyking KK2.0...
  12. O

    German Wiki (BatBone)

    Hi there :) We are a RC Community in Switzerland and we watch also a lot of the Flite Test videos. And after building Bat's last year, we now built 3 BatBones. We document all our findings to our Wiki Our Wiki is written mostly in german, so it might be helpful for other...
  13. Johan

    I made a rough Bat bone 3D simulator model

    Hi, After building a bat bone for real (no flight time yet), I though that it was a pity that my training simulator does not show the actual Bat Bone. Since it was raining here anyway, this was a great opportunity to refresh my Blender 3D modeling skills (if any ...) So I grabbed one of the...