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I made a rough Bat bone 3D simulator model


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After building a bat bone for real (no flight time yet), I though that it was a pity that my training simulator does not show the actual Bat Bone.
Since it was raining here anyway, this was a great opportunity to refresh my Blender 3D modeling skills (if any ...)
So I grabbed one of the existing models (to keep the flight characteristics intact) and started removing / adding components.

So now I have a rough version of it flying in my simulator (I use heli-x):

It is not flashy, but I like it anyway :


Short vid, no sound ...

Vimeo description:
Virtual 3d model of the Flitetest batbone frame in the Heli-X simulator.
I used an example tricopter config a starting point and modeled the batbone tricopter from there.
Next to the frame I added the landing gear, battery, ESC's, some wiring and the receiver.
The model is inspired by the "Bat Bone" one of the great flitetest creations (http://www.flitetest.com)
I used the free blender modeling tool for modeling (http://blender.org)
The flightsimulator was hell-x (http://www.heli-x.net)


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Very cool! I have only the demo of heli-x or I'd ask to share...

I can share the model anyway of course :)
I can make a zip you unzip in the ~/Library/Heli-X41/resources/models/helicopters directory (at least on the Mac, but there will be a similar folder on windows).

I know that you cannot load extra models with the trial, but maybe that does not go for "local" models ...


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Today I added the (previous) flitetest field to my simulator, thanks to panorama photo's shared by Chad.

This is the result, sorry for the bad quality, I filmed it with a GoPro in front of a monitor, I tried screen capture, but that reduced the simulator refresh to 4 FPS):


The flitetest field is not very much in view (I blame my flying skills) and it end in a bit of a rough landing ...

I think my model (and real life tri) needs more orientation marks.

Depending on your simulator You'd need six cubic jpg's, on strip of 6 images of on full 306 degrees jpgs to add this scenery to your simulator. I'll update this post with links (too large to upload on the forum).
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