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V-Tail Batbone troubleshooting

KK 2.1.5 board
Multistar Aerodrive SK3 - 2822-1275
Multistar 15amp ESC
1800amp 3s battery
8x4.5 sf props


So ive rebuilt this twice after accidentally setting up my battery connector with the polarity reversed the first time (DOH!). It does fire up correctly now, but i can not get it to lift at all. I briefly got it to hover very low to the ground but cant get it flying without it flipping over almost immediately or rolling, ect. I have tried with the stock vtail setup, as well as putting in Davids specs and neither seems to make a difference. Occasionally when the props are spiing one or two of the motors will spin down and not spin up unless i kill the throttle completely and then spin it up again.

Any thoughts? Heres a video of what happens with ~50-60% throttle, any more than that and it just flips. Auto level is off.



Senior Member
I can be mistaken, not easy to see on your video, but it looks as if both your front motors are going CW... If so, that is wrong. On these kind of problems always check on rotation, and that the props are on correctly


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How do you open the video?

The link takes me to a photo and clicking that takes me to a blank G+ page. Is the video on Youtube?
I can be mistaken, not easy to see on your video, but it looks as if both your front motors are going CW...
Whoops, im seeing that now too i think. I swapped the props out to match color on front and back and must have inadvertently put two cw props on. I will check it tonight and post an update, sometimes after staring at something so long everything obvious doesnt occur to you.

Heres the correct video link



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It's not that you have the wrong prop on (although maybe you do) it's that the motor itself is spinning the wrong direction. M2 (front right) needs to be switched from CW to CCW.
Success! Thank you guys for pointing out the obvious that i couldnt see, i flipped the props around and corrected the rotation of the motor and it hovered fine last night in the dark. Ill put a video up when i can fly it in the daylight. Thanks again, i was bashing my forehead into the wall on this one.