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Hi guys, I have been watching a lot of fpv videos and would really like to get a system for my plane. I don't know much about this stuff but it seems really cool. What would be the best system? I already have a couple gopros laying around, can i use that as a camera? Any tips on what to buy would be great. Thanks!


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You can use a gopro as a camera, depending on whether or not the plane can carry it and all the other gear.

Can you give us some more info on what you are flying and what you plan on being your ultimate goal in FPV?


Of course you can use a gopro as a cam. I also am a beginner in FPV and this is the list I made:

-a camera
-A video Tx/Rx (a 5.8GHz system will do fine do begin)
-a cable to connect your gopro to your Tx
-a display, either goggles or a cheap screen
-eventually accessories and upgrades like antennae, batteries, headtracker...


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Also, are you more inclined to piece a system together, or get a pre-configured system?