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Help! Beginners FPV Kits for RC Planes!

Hi! I've been looking for fpv kits for many days know, and can't seem to find any. Any links that I find to them are broken. Can anyone recommend me a fpv kit, or explain to be how to go about starting in fpv. What would I need? Thanks!


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Depends on what you want it to do.

I prefer this one:


Because I can turn the power down when i use it indoors on rc toys with my kids.

I've used that same one you posted a lot myself and I've had a blast with it. It's the one I'm using in this video:

If you want more range or better image you'll have to get something different and probably more expensive. I'd say that camera is a great place to start.

Of course there are legal issues now with any "long range" fpv in most places. That camera is capable of getting well beyond line of sight so anything more powerful isnt really needed anymore TBH...
Thanks for the reply! Wow that camera had some good quality. That wasn't recorded from the DVR right? Also, if you powered that camera with a 1s lipo (whichever mAH you use), how long could you use the camera before you run out of battery? Also, which would you say had the longer range? Thanks again.
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I was using the dvr in the goggles (older spectrum box) but yes, the image quality on those is great for the price I think.

Of those two AIO cameras, I cant see any difference in quality or performance. I just prefer the one with a selectable power setting.

If I'm just throwing it on a model to mess with, like my UMX timber, and I'm running it on a little 280mah 1s velcroed to the top of the plane, I will set it to medium power. It doesn't get as hot and lasts way longer, maybe 5 times longer than the battery in the plane I'm flying. On that plane in the video I'm using one of the esc's to power the camera so I dont have to use a separate battery. When I do it that way I leave it on high (200mw)

Just another side note, I prefer box goggles. Some people just never get the fat shark style to feel right, I'm one of them...