Tek Sumo or Mini Skywalker as a first FPV platform.


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Hi there. I am planning to get started in FPV with a 5.8ghz system, and am unsure what airframe to use. I have experience flying LOS with a Bixler (which is no more) and a Phoenix 2000, and I also have experience with Flight Simulators (FSX, FS2002). I have been considering using the Pheonix for FPV but have decided to get a dedicated FPV plane instead.

I have decided that the size/price of both the Tek Sumo and the Mini Skywalker would be perfect for me, but I am unsure with would be the better platform to start and grow with. I like the speed and simplicity of the Tek Sumo, but I like the form factor and stability of the Mini Skywalker.

What do you guys think?


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For FPV it's best to start with a platform you are familiar with to minimize the problems when facing a new viewpoint, namely a "cockpit" view and adjusting to flying that way. So, right now, the Skywalker is probably your best option. There is nothing keeping you from getting the Sumo and flying it long enough to get comfortable with it's flying qualities and flight envelope and then adding the FPV gear to it.

I don't really have a strong suggestion for either one, because both will work great for FPV, it will come down to how fast you need to get FPV'ing!

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I have the Mini Skywalker and enjoy flying it, but only LOS and not FPV (I don't own the gear for that yet). I can say that the Mini Skywalker is a fun plane to fly although you'll have to work to keep the FPV gear as light as possible. I've heard from others that it starts to get a little prone to dropping a wing tip when loaded up, and I can see that tendency with mine with only a simple 1000mAh battery and no excess gear installed.