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Blade Torrent 110


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I just came across this in my inbox: The Blade Torrent 110


It looks like it has what I want most in a mulitrotor and lacks what many of us didn't like in the micro quad category. At $200 for the BNF FPV it looks more of a good deal than the Inductrix 200 with more options for batteries.

For those of us looking to build the DIY FT Gremlin multirotor we have something else for ideas too.


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Would be great except for two things. You are locked into spektrum and that VTX is waaay over powered for a quad like that. 25 to 50 mw is perfect for them tiny things anything more is power sucking over kill. I would bet that if you were flying that in your house you would only be able to get one up at a time with all that power bouncing all over the place.

It does have a nice look with the black and white contrast and really clean lines. These could have potential to be a contender in the market if they added the Frsky receivers as an option and dropped the vtx to a respectable size to match the air frame.

Gremlin has my vote still when you look at the over all picture.

Edit. I just looked at the last picture on the sales page you linked and noticed the frame on the one they use is warped and twisted.The right three arms sit flat on the surface and the left most boom looks to be above it by several mm judging by the shadow and the blade protectors seem to be leaning in as well like the arm twisted.
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I picked up the Blade Torrent yesterday and just gave it a quick try at the local roller rink in town on 2s. I later tried it on 3s at the park but did not get that flight on video. This should be a all year round fun flyer. Dont like the battery strap to secure battery or even a battery skid.



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I checked several video reviews on this. It like any other quad has addressable issues. One seems to be the props are bad, unbalanced, and will rub sometimes and even light crashes cause the rubbing. Some have went to after market straight two inch props and are happy with the improvements over all. No rubbing , less vibrations seem to be the biggest improvements.

Seems I was right about over powered VTX for indoor. Sounds like reflections are an issue going by what you said in the video.


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All true and I am going to order some replacement props for when all this happens. I have to say though this is a fun little quad and I plane to just rip up the parks with it.


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WOW i figured this site would have all kinda talk about this Quad guess different places different people. My buddy got one last week and i checked it out pretty cool ive been looking for one a small one used to have a speedix 250 anyways i ordered on it be here soon. set up a fpv course in my yard.


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The Torrent got my attention too. Wouldn't you need a Ham license for that VTX?

I'm fairly certain you need a ham license for any VTx that itsn't FCC approved, which is about 99.5% of the market. Spektrum had a FCC approved camera/VTx combo, I think it put out like 7mw.


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Had to blow the dust off mine yesterday. Or should I say blow the dust of me. Any how thought it was fun to goto some of the local parks w/no kids of course and just cruise around enjoy[