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Pumpkin drop event

Blade Inductrix


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So there I was in the not-so-local hobby shop on the way back from dropping my wife off at the airport (surefire formula for an RC purchase:cool:) and there on the counter were stacks of these little guys just received a few days ago. Having purchased a couple of Pico QX's for my son and my son-in-law for Father's Day it looked very similar but... gasp... what's this? It's BNF! $60 later I was on my way home with my first multi rotor (of my own), a quad. It's called the Blade Inductrix.


It's basically the same size as a Pico QX (fits in your palm) but is DSMX equipped. I actually saw the RTF ones on the shelf first and as the salesman stepped up I, in an almost accusingly tone (because of the Pico QX), asked where the BNF's were at. That's when the stack of about 50 BNF's on the counter were pointed out to me. "Oh. Thank you.:eek:"

At the house I went to my uh, office to sit and uh, read. I grabbed a charged 1S from my micro Radian and my DX6 on the way. I actually still haven't even read anything but rather just created a new model, changed the aircraft type to heli, and changed the pic to multi rotor. Seconds later it was bound and flying. As a newby it was a little jerky in the confines of my uh, office so I landed and put in some softer rates. At 35% ail/ele I was cruising around with little effort. I also found this model online for just $50 so I soon might be going for a little drive to get $10.

Certainly there will be more to report and who knows, I might even read the literature. For now I'll just say that I do intend to do more multi rotor flying and this is me getting my foot in the door in a way I can stay at it year 'round for a reasonable price. I like that it fits into my little BNF fleet and that it uses removable 1S Lipo's (both bene's over the Pico).

If anyone else has one I would enjoy knowing other opinions.


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Great Little Quad!

Fed Ex dropped off a BNF today. I've flown about 12 batteries through it and my findings are similar to yours. Here's my impression:

"I am quite impressed with this quad. I definitely would recommend it to a first time flier, or even a seasoned pilot that wants a nearly indestructible indoor/light wind outdoor anytime heli.

Size wise it's slightly bigger than the Blade Pico. The 4 EDF power plants dominate the structure, surrounding the mainframe/electronics inboard and protecting it very well. The motors are not soldered but instead have plugs so a change out can be performed without tools. The motors also have nylon end caps with a small loop attached, serving as both landing gear and shock absorbers. There are 4 LED's, two white in front and red in the rear, and they shine through the EDF ducts to illuminate most of the ship.

I bound this to my DX8 using a copy of my settings for the Nano QX. The Inductrix is QUIET. It is also very stable, and forgiving. Upon releasing the elevator stick from FFF to hover it acts like there is an air brake at work - no ballooning or porpoising, just a quick slow down into a stable hover. Rudder, elevator, and aileron control is immediate and controllable.

With the included 1S 3.7 25C battery I got about 4 minutes of flight time, and this is without charging it first. Later on I'll try some 45C's I use with my Nano to see if the flight time changes.

I think Blade did a great job with the Inductrix. I'm going to get a few more to have at work and keep one in the car - this is probably one of the few quads that can fly circuits in a car!"

The first four batteries were awesome! Then.... I took it outside and crashed it on my sidewalk. I now have a dead motor. I have already ordered a new motor (did some trouble shooting to confirm its the motor). It's pretty bad when one motor is 20% of the cost of an entire new mini quad. I ordered a UMX Radian while I was at it. I just couldn't see not getting free shipping;) I might drop by the LHS and pick up another Inductrix tomorrow.


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It would be fun to experiment with the Inductrix to see the advantages and limitations of a ducted multirotor. Bruce Simpson did a couple videos at his YT channel on the history and why they work exceeding well for static hovering and not so well in translational flight.

That said, I'm kind of surprised someone hasn't explored using ducts on large AP multi's for a bit more duration, if the purpose is to have an elevated video platform for sports events like X-Games and other events that doesn't require the aerial camera much translational speed.


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haven't looked at anything other than the manual, but the Nano can do full acro while the Inductrix will always have some level of self-level. For such a cool little quad, I find this somewhat disappointing :(
I think there's a reason the horizon video has it crashing into things in a padded playground. Now, while pulling the bad motor, I cracked one of the motor supports. It's pretty tough, but no match for a ham fisted monkey like me! On high rates, this little thing really screams! I wasn't quite ready for how fast it was. It might not do flips, but it's pretty fast! In the future, I'll keep this one over grass or carpet, or at best, not crash into hard immovable objects. :black_eyed:


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According to the discussion on RCGroups, the Inductrix also has an acro mode, activated the same way as on the Nano QX. It's just not documented for some reason. (I don't have one myself to confirm, though.)
I think there's a good chance the "high rates" mode is acro mode. I bound mine in airplane mode first, and it flew very sedately. I then reset and bound in Heli mode, and I couldn't fly it indoors (way to quick for me with the space I have). I rebound in airplane mode and started flipping switches on my DX6 based on what I found on RCG. Not sure why it's this way, but cycling the flap switch changes modes. By cycle I mean going from position 1 to 2 and back to 1 changes the LED from blue to red. When the LED is red, it's crazy fast and hard for me to fly. I'm a fixed wing guy and my only rotorcraft experience with a UDI 818. The switch could probably be reassigned, but I haven't tried that yet. I'll have to go outside on the grass to try acro mode again. I am afraid if I do it indoors, I'll crash it and break my new one.

Once parts get here, I'll have two and my boys and I can race!!


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Yes, cycling the flap switch (ch. 6) is how you switch the Nano QX from self-leveling mode into acro mode, so it sounds like this should work for the Inductrix as well. Note that this is independent of whether you use low or high rates on the transmitter (though acro mode is more responsive already so it may feel like "high rates")


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Yeah, the mode switch sounds something like the NanoQX -- in it's manual it has you re-map the mode channel to the spring-loaded bind/trainer switch. Stupid, but then you can use the toy TX's stick button to switch modes.

From the Manual:

• In low-rate mode, the quadcopter is limited to a lower bank angle and will self-level when the control sticks are released. This mode is typically preferred by pilots looking for smoother/easier control response during first time use.
• In high-rate mode, the quadcopter has a higer possible bank angle and will self-level when the control sticks are released.
As described, high-rate might be painfully zippy, and allow you to perform flips and rolls, but it's not acro. To be acro it must hold the angle when the stick is released.

Believe me when I say this: I would like the manual to be wrong.


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I wonder if maybe there is an acro mode but it doesn't feel like it due to the ducted fans and the self-leveling aspect they induce as per Bruce's videoss...Just a thought...could explain why it's not documented if it exists.

I suspect the control difficulties with the TX in heli mode are because the TX is trying to do some kind of mixing as if to control a swash plate - quads are pretty much always always flown with TX's in "aircraft" mode and the mixing is done in the FC.
I put quite a few more batteries through the Inductrix today, outside, over the grass, I can keep it in the air in the high rate mode. In low rates, it's great to fly around the house. My only other quad is a UDI 818, and the Inductrix is absolutely amazing compared to the 818. The 818 was fun to mess around with, but it's no where near as good as the Inductrix. I guess I better man up and build my FT quad (ordered all the parts to build a quad last year). Every time I look at the box of bits I think about what cool bomber I could build with the four motors and speed controls.... I have never been much of a multi-rotor guy, but this Inductrix might end up being a gateway drug.


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There are things the Inductrix doesn't do. I bought mine with that understanding. It's advertised as a beginner micro quad. It might not have certain bells and whistles but it does do what I had expected; it enables me to enjoy multi rotor flying and it does this with a relatively quiet resilient inexpensive setup.

It seems to me Horizon Hobby is looking to satisfy more customers by offering such a large selection of quads that offer different capabilities.

yes as an entry level quad I am now more encouraged about the next step, likely an FPV tripper.


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For what it's worth, I just got one. I fly with a Taranis and DM9 module, and I bound the Inductrix to the Nano QX model that was vacated by my QX suddenly not working. It flies just fine, and even the momentary switch for agility mode works fine! Better than a Nano, even.
What is the durability?
Will report back to you on this -- I got my Inductrix in the post today (RTF with a blade transmitter).

First impressions of build quality are good. Seems well made, I VERY MUCH like the fact that the motors are not soldered on. Nano motors tend to not last that long so this is absolutely fantastic. I plugged it in to see if the battery it came with had any juice in it, lasted a few seconds but the pitch and roll seemed exquisite. really butter smooth but high resolution. Feel like this thing is going to be fantastic.

Edit: This thing flies like a dream. Durability seems fine, the ducts protect the props and it's pretty sturdily put together. I had a few crashes first flight on acro mode and it was fine.

I most definitely would not call it a beginner-quad though cos there is no low voltage indication really. It does flash, but literally a second before it descends rapidly in what is essentially a barely controlled fall. Good luck if you're flying over the dog bowl at the time or something.

That said, it has a LOT going for it and I'm already thinking of crowning it my fave micro/nano and I have 10+. Love that it actually has acro mode. considering that acro is a minus-feature (in that its the lack of leveling) I don't know why it's not more commonly available. Love that it's so smooth in the air. Feels like there's a nice curve on the inputs or something. Nice software I guess.

Forgot to check my timer after the battery died but I'd guesstimate 5 minutes.

It's begging me to do a tiny FPV setup but I dont want to ruin it (yet).

Edit 2: I tried another battery on it and got the same low voltage behaviour, literally dropped as it started flashing.
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Yeah, the mode switch sounds something like the NanoQX -- in it's manual it has you re-map the mode channel to the spring-loaded bind/trainer switch. Stupid, but then you can use the toy TX's stick button to switch modes.

From the Manual:

As described, high-rate might be painfully zippy, and allow you to perform flips and rolls, but it's not acro. To be acro it must hold the angle when the stick is released.

Believe me when I say this: I would like the manual to be wrong.
Can confirm that the manual is wrong :) There is high and low rate for pitch/roll AND a separate undocumented acro mode. On the RTF transmitter the rates are on the right stick press, and acro on the left. Definitely does not auto level when acro is on (and one of the lights goes out to indicate that it's on). Acro isn't even listed at all in the manual but its there on the supplied transmitter (and one of the only reasons i bought this extremely pricey £50 nano when most are £10)!
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I bought an Inductrix two weeks ago and love it. However on the third flight one of the motors failed. No big deal I just called Great Hobbies where I had bought it and they sent me a replacement motor no questions asked. They have a very well made video on how to brake down the quad and build it back up so the motor replacement went without a hitch. No I have 20+ flights and today while I was showing it to people at work trying to convince them that they should try the hobby another motor failed. I had just burnt my third battery and when I put a new one in the front left motor failed to turn. Have other people had this issue? Did I just get a lemon or should I just return it and be happy with my nano QX?