1. Lubis

    RCTimer brushless camera gimbal

    Hi I'm not sure if this is a multi-rotor topic or a aerial video topic, but here it goes. I'm having some trouble setting up my RCTimer brushless camera gimbal. It super smooth and work in every way, except when I tilt (pitch) it more than 45 degrees down. At about the 45 degree mark it rolls...
  2. wingspan100

    Liquid Image EGO Sport Camera from

    Video MOVED to the CLICK HERE Merchants Circle thread
  3. jamiedco

    Gopro copy from china

    after i trashed my gopro 2 weeks ago iv been looking for a new camera . i sound this one on sunsky! it looks like it could be quite good . and it is compatable with all my gopro parts . i have ordered one and will post...
  4. FlyingMaddLadd

    Rc su29 onboard camera maiden Evening flight :D

    Hey guys this is my madien Flight with a Camera onboard. This is also My new channel On youtube which is only for all my Rc videos. If youd like to see more Please like and Subscribe. Btw great thread plenty of amazing videos well done guys!
  5. jd7792

    Mounting Cameras on the Skysurfer/Bixler....

    I've always had a bit of a problem with the whole “putting the cart before the horse” thing! As a kid I always wanted to run before I could walk and I guess the trait doesn't get any better with age! I still tend to do it! Anyone that has read any of my threads will know that I fly the...
  6. Michael Cameneti

    Video Production Q&A

    Hi. I'm Michael (DP, Editor, Composer for Flite Test). Feel free to ask questions about what gear we use, what we edit on and how we produce the show here! I'll be glad to answer questions. :)