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  1. O

    Black feed on goggles

    Hello. I'm building an fpv quad for the first time. I connected my camera and I saw the feed but after completing the build and looking at the goggles, I just saw a black screen. ??? I'm so confused. I'm on the correct channel. The other channels are all staticky like normal. I checked and...
  2. J

    Fpv camera issue

    Hey so I recently built a mini whoop drone and got the fat shark recon v2 goggles for fpv. I got 2 cameras and they both worked great. After flying my drone around a while and crashing it quite a bit the Fpv footage was getting worse and I noticed the antenna on the drones camera was broken. And...
  3. Chuppster

    Best Value Action Cam

    I'm looking for an inexpensive action cam that I can stick to my airplanes and take video. I'm wondering what other people's experiences have been with other cameras on the market. As a member of the PCMR I need 60fps or everything looks choppy to me. I can happily do without 4k but 1920x1080...
  4. Wingman04

    Help! Clover Leaf vs. Skew-Planar vs. Helical antennas

    I've heard of Clover Leaf, Skew-Planar, and Helical antennas. Are all of these the same and work together or are they all different? I want to get into FPV, but it's stuff like this that is prohibiting me. Thanks.
  5. E

    Need a camera

    Hey i really need a camera. I just started in fpv about a month ago Im only 15 so I dont have job to make enough money to fund this hobby. I actually just spent all my money on parts to get my quad flying, and today i crashed and lost my brand new RunCam 2 Rotor Riot Edition so im kinda salty...
  6. N

    FPV camera available

    Foxeer Monster V2 16:9 Widescreen 1200TVL FPV Camera Ready to be wired in. Not perfect, not pretty, but it works fine. I've changed to RunCam Split for the HD recording.
  7. FrostyDave

    Missing Some Key Components

    I had a blast at the first Flite Fest in Florida. I brought my Eachine Goggles Two so I could experience my first race the right way. I loved the feeling of a 5 inch quad over my Tiny Whoops. I'm ahead of the game in that I've already got a TBS Tango, goggles, an original Chameleon frame...
  8. N

    Looking for micro cams, and airbot fc and spektrum serial receivers.

    Currently I have a couple of projects that I cannot finish due to budgetary concerns. I am a junior in high school and my current income is 30$ a week so buying multiple cameras and receivers puts a large strain on my ability to finish stuff. I have a internal battery mount frame called and...
  9. D

    FPV Camera needed

    First off this kwad share idea is the best idea since the creation of Flite Test. I'm in the middle of a ZMR 250 build and have most everything I need accept for the FPV camera. If anyone has a spare lying around please let me know. I've got the frame in flying condition but need the camera...
  10. Z

    Just got in to the hobby, and I have no FPV Gear

    I just finished up my first ever quad (5") and have barely been able to fly it due to weather. I have been practising a lot (basically all my free time because it is so much fun) indoors on a little cheap Tiny Whoop type quad (no camera)that I put together. I have been eager to get out and fly...
  11. W

    fixing broken video tx

    ok so while learning LOS with my x:bolt 250 drone i broke off the SMA and instead of having to buy a whole new video TX do you think that i can still solder on a pigtail SMA extension ? and also what channels do i switch for Aomway commanders? here take a look at the damage done so far :(...
  12. W

    What FPV goggles to get?!

    OK after completing my first racing quad, and flying LOS for a couple of weeks, i can safely say that im ready to get into FPV. My budget is 350$-400$. I was set on going to HobbyTown and getting the attitude v4's but i have seen that the Dominator v3's are a better choice because of diversity...
  13. J

    Help! Mavic or Spark?

    I’m planning to get myself a more portable drone for Christmas. But I’m not sure to get Mavic or Spark. The only advantage I can get from Spark is the price point. It is almost half the price of Mavic. Price point is a big advantage for me. But I just can’t make decision myself. Can anyone give...
  14. S

    Inductrix Blade Conversion question...

    Hello, I have a Inductrix Blade that I have recently put a Super Mini 25mw VTX camera I got from FliteTest on. The install went good, but I have about half the airtime for the quad that I had before adding the camera. I use to get a good 3+ minutes just cruising around, now it less that 2...
  15. L

    Problem with Discolored and Glitchy Camera Image

    Hello, I am having an issue where my fpv camera image is very discolored (everything is green, blue, and black), and sometimes it switches the top and bottom half of the image. I am using a Runcam Eagle and TBS Unify Pro. This problem occurred when I transferred the parts of my drone to a new...
  16. N

    Akk systems cameras

    I have been testing some akk aio cameras out and they are really good, price, weight, picture quality and build are all spot on. The akk bs2 is my particular favourite for my micro quads weighing 3.5g. But I tested the s2, the A3, ba3 and ba2 and all have similarly great results and look well...
  17. Beau_LunaWolf

    Gremlin Issue Help!

    Hello, Recently I was able to get my Gremlin up and flying. Quad is super quiet and is very smooth. I thought I would be ready to FPV, but it turns out my camera is having issues sending signal to my goggles. I currently am using the Fatshark Teleporter V4s that were sold under Horizon Hobby...
  18. F

    First Post / Camera Mount for FatShark 700tvl CMOS v2

    Hello everyone, I am new to the Flitetest forums, and am looking for a camera mount for my new FPV camera. I just bought a FatShark 700TVL CMOS v2. I am new to FPV, and am looking for a cheap mount that can be tilted up or down, depending on how fast I want to fly. I know racers often use FPV...
  19. H

    Thoughts on Hover Cam

    Hi I just bought a Hover Cam and I just want to share my thoughts on it. I’ve used Hover Camera and it’s pretty decent product for a drone beginner like myself. The photo and video quality is good, and it’s really easy to control in the air. Currently the company is offering a discount for CES...
  20. PilotSam

    Anybody know a good action cam to put on quads?

    Hello! What is a good action camera that records good video and is lite weight that would be good for quads. Maximum $75. Any suggestions?