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D8R-ii plus


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I just got the D8R-ii plus for my RC quad copter but I cant figure out what all the channels are. I have read the user manuals too. Could you guys help me find the 1-8 channels.

Thank you.

Seems simple enough. 1-8 on the short side, Negative(black wire) to the top.digital datastream port, A2, A1 on the long side respectively from the 8 channels. Antennae on other short side.
The 8R-ii plus is already jumpered to give you input battery voltage to your telemetry rx.

I might add, there's a ton of data on that frsky website BUT some of it is pretty overwhelming if you're not quite sure what you're looking at.
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I'm guessing you mean what channel is throttle and what channel is aileron, etc.?
That is determined by what radio you are using the Frsky module in...?


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AIL ch1
ELE ch2
THR ch3
RUD ch4
This is from the manual but should be right. The rest of the channels are programmable, so they are whatever you set them to be.
Think you can do that on the 9xR and the 9x as well but I didn't know it was a competition. Or that Futaba was a Merican company. Seems to me thats a Japanese company that's expanded all over the world. But whatever. You stick the servo in the slot that makes it move when you wiggle the sticks, you can't go wrong.