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differential thrust

  1. Flying Oscar

    Help! I need help setting up my FT Dart!

    Hello, a few months ago I bought the FT Dart as my first flite test plane. I built all the foam and electronics for it, but have not been able to set it up with my transmitter. I have been using a Y cable since I am just starting out, and my transmitter is the TGY 9x (it was cheap and has very...
  2. Jitseflits

    Help! Graupner MZ-10 Differential thrust

    Hi I bought an FT sea duck , but i cant get the differential thrust to work:cry:. I have the Graupner MZ-10 transmitter and the gr12l reciever. Im using channel 2 and 3 for my aillerons and elavator, and im using channel 5 and 6 for the differential thrust that doesnt work. Ive watched the video...
  3. V

    Tactic TTX850 differential thrust

    I'm trying to program differential thrust on my Tactic 850 transmitter but I can't seem to figure it out. I watched the flite test video on mixing differential thrust but my transmitter has a completely different mix set up menu.
  4. I

    Motors only run for a half second?

    I just built the FT Sea Duck. I have all the electronics installed and I have my radio configured exactly per the FT video "HOW TO : Differential Thrust". The servo indicator shows the mixes working properly. However, when I raise the throttle, the motor only runs for less than a half second...
  5. crashburnrepeat

    Differential thrust throttle cut help

    Hi all, hoping I can get some help on this one. I have a DX7 (Gen 2 black) and am 99% done a differential thrust setup on a Mini-Guinea. The only thing left is the throttle cut. I know its not necessary, but I prefer to usually have one. I have left and right motors on ax1 and thr and the 2...
  6. E

    Park 300 synchronizing

    So I'd picked up 4 Park 300's with the intent of making a quad, but forgot the KK2 board, and its been on back-order for more than a month. So I'm making a FT Flyer-Twin with differential thrust... because... I can! I started soldering connections and testing ESC and motors, and after...