differential thrust

  1. Z

    Alternate ESC/BEC Wiring Solution Help

    Hi there all, I am new here and just getting back into the hobby. I am planning on building the FT Sparrow Twin for my first FT build and I am trying to cram differential thrust into a 4 channel Rx (Radiomaster R84). I know that typically the solution for 6ch Rx's would be to have the ESC's...
  2. E

    Solved Bi motors plane not going straight

    Hi everybody, First of all, as this is my first post, let me quickly introduce myself. I'm Edouard, 30 years old guy from France (excuse my english ;)), I'm in the hobby for a year and a half flying mostly a FMS Kingfisher and a Hobbyking Bixler 2. I follow the Flite Test adventure since 2017...
  3. Joe Carpino

    Differential thrust on DX8e? HELP!

    Does anyone out there know how to program differential thrust on a DX8e? I’ve tried several methods but I can’t get it to work and I’m getting really frustrated.
  4. L Edge

    XC-142 TILT WING (best angle)

    VTOL has kicked my butt (gaining now) and I always look at a new and different way to fly. So watch the video and let the VTOL stuff go by and watch the STOL Notice the ground effects on landing with the sand giving a good demo. So let's take one part from my VTOL boneyard and STOL(e) it ...
  5. L Edge


    Purpose: Take one big ugly flat sheet of foam and fly it rudderless. How: Add a KK2 controller board, 2 E Flite 370 motors, pick the correct direction of rotation, set of elevons and it flies. The elevons controlled roll and pitch. The two motors used differential thrust (one motor adds RPM...
  6. L Edge


    Tail was changed due to T-tail being not effective. DIFFERENT APPROACH FOR GETTING DIFFERENTIAL THRUST Don't have an extra channel? Don't know how to program a mix? Purchase a GWS "V-Tail mixer" at a LHS or order it. Notice it says "aile" in upper left and "elev" in lower left. How it...
  7. Flying Oscar

    Solved I need help setting up my FT Dart!

    Hello, a few months ago I bought the FT Dart as my first flite test plane. I built all the foam and electronics for it, but have not been able to set it up with my transmitter. I have been using a Y cable since I am just starting out, and my transmitter is the TGY 9x (it was cheap and has very...
  8. Jitseflits

    Help! Graupner MZ-10 Differential thrust

    Hi I bought an FT sea duck , but i cant get the differential thrust to work:cry:. I have the Graupner MZ-10 transmitter and the gr12l reciever. Im using channel 2 and 3 for my aillerons and elavator, and im using channel 5 and 6 for the differential thrust that doesnt work. Ive watched the video...
  9. V

    Tactic TTX850 differential thrust

    I'm trying to program differential thrust on my Tactic 850 transmitter but I can't seem to figure it out. I watched the flite test video on mixing differential thrust but my transmitter has a completely different mix set up menu.
  10. I

    Motors only run for a half second?

    I just built the FT Sea Duck. I have all the electronics installed and I have my radio configured exactly per the FT video "HOW TO : Differential Thrust". The servo indicator shows the mixes working properly. However, when I raise the throttle, the motor only runs for less than a half second...
  11. crashburnrepeat

    Differential thrust throttle cut help

    Hi all, hoping I can get some help on this one. I have a DX7 (Gen 2 black) and am 99% done a differential thrust setup on a Mini-Guinea. The only thing left is the throttle cut. I know its not necessary, but I prefer to usually have one. I have left and right motors on ax1 and thr and the 2...
  12. E

    Park 300 synchronizing

    So I'd picked up 4 Park 300's with the intent of making a quad, but forgot the KK2 board, and its been on back-order for more than a month. So I'm making a FT Flyer-Twin with differential thrust... because... I can! I started soldering connections and testing ESC and motors, and after...