Help! Graupner MZ-10 Differential thrust


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Hi I bought an FT sea duck
, but i cant get the differential thrust to work:cry:.
I have the Graupner MZ-10 transmitter and the gr12l reciever.
Im using channel 2 and 3 for my aillerons and elavator, and im using channel 5 and 6 for the differential thrust that doesnt work.
Ive watched the video by flite test on how to differential thrust.
But they are using an Graupner mz-12 transmitter, and this transmitter has a screen where you can asign every channel digitally.
The mz-10 doesnt have this (for what I know).

thx allready


I know nothing!
I am unable to help. I just want you to know you are not being ignored. What you're likely running into is that no one here has experience with setting up differential thrust on your particular trans. You might need to widen your search for help. has come up with some good answers when I was googling a question.

They are far less friendly and welcoming than us, but if we can't help, maybe they can. I wish you good luck on your search.


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Unfortunately I only have a mz-32, and a DX9. Set up differential thrust on both, but they are much different then the mz-10. mz-32 is almost cheating! Essentially you have to look at the logic of what you are doing, then set the mixes as per what your transmitter has for options. Look at the guides for Spectrum, OpenTX, and Graupner, they are all doing the same mixing, just slightly different approach. Follow the logic and you should be able to do it on any transmitter with mixes. Wish I had an mz-10 so I could do it and write you guide :(