1. StoneKap

    Rotor Riot - Chad's NEW SHOW!!

    Rotor Riot It's like Top Gear but with multirotors! Ok, I get this question all the time... Chad, what are you doing next? Well this is it. This is the ground floor. Development starts today! Q: How is it different than Flite Test? A: Rotor Riot is a YouTube show focused on expert level...
  2. zenguerilla

    Came across this article if any interest.

  3. T

    International Drone Day Video from San Diego

    Here is a Video I shot on Saturday at the International Drone Day Event here in San Diego,CA the Event was Hosted by the Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego Club And Featured Many local Mfr and sponsors there was a turnout of about 350 people and with the help of many of the Sponsors almost...
  4. VolksRocket

    Pro RC Presidential Candidate!

    Hi, My name is Terry W. Wheelock and I am a Independent Write-In Candidate for President of the United States 2016! With all the news and commentary on DRONES (such a bad term, but that is another issue)! I am writing this let everyone in RC know that if elected I will protect YOUR RIGHT to...
  5. Lorenzo

    FAA May Require Licenses to Fly Commercial Drones

    I'm going to go ahead and guess that the majority of the Flite Test community leans toward the "less regulation is better regulation" side of the issue, but I won't assume. So, what do y'all think? Dec. 9, 2014 - FAA May Require Licenses to Fly Commercial Drones by Brian Naylor...
  6. P

    Judge rules that flying commercial drones is legal, for now

    First Post, but been following Flite Test for a few months now. I've been interested in FVP and toying with te idea of getting into it. I just came across this article that I thought people would be interested in. Source...
  7. themajik1

    Drone or FPV Article on Yahoo

    I just got online and looked at Yahoo news and saw this story: http://news.yahoo.com/role-drones-wildlife-eco-conservation-060727498.html When reading the comments about the story, we are really in bad shape in the national community about this part of our hobby. We really need to try and...