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Drone or FPV Article on Yahoo


Rotor Riot!
That's really annoying. But I'll be happy about me living in Ecuador, where no such thinking exists.

(Now let's just hope that the Assange case doesn't p*ss off England, Sweden and the US...)


Elemental Madness
Frankly, this is sad. Every one of those comments were super negative! What people don't understand is that every day they are on camera, everywhere. Planes flown by RC enthusiasts are not spying on them, private security cameras take care of that.


Monkey/Bear Poker
Yep, between security cameras and what the US has for satellites, even without these "drones" <---- STUPID WORD!!! the government can see more than the general public even realizes.
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Senior Member
If only they realized that it's not about what you're seeing, it's about flying with the birds and having the live input just like you're flying your own plane. I hope people's silly "concerns" don't lead to any legislation that will prohibit us from flying.


Monkey/Bear Poker
Yes, that is the problem I see. Everyone is so paranoid about who is watching who we the hobbyist will suffer.

While I am not a FPV pilot, i do take a original GoPro and stick it on a plane or two so I can see the thrill of me "flying" an aircraft. I do not care to see anything other than the scenery and using my imagination of actually being in the pilots seat in said plane and enjoying the ride.

We are in such a sad state here in the U.S.

Lets all be paranoid!!!