SAFE on DX6i


Hello guys,

Yesterday I bought the HobbyZone F4U Corsair S (looks awesome) and I bound it to my DX6i. However, I dont know how SAFE works on the DX6i. The guys at the hobbyshop where I bought the plane said that it was perfectly possible to use SAFE on my DX6i, but there is no 3-modes switch. Is the trainer switch the Oh crap switch (panic switch)?

I have a DX4e as well, but my DX6i is so much nicer....



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I have an Apprentice which uses the same technology. Check out page 23 of the Apprentice manual:

• SAFE Flight mode is selected using Channel 5 signal (high, middle, low)
• Panic mode is selected with Channel 6 signal (high, low)

It recommends diving into the setup screens and setting
Panic mode = to your flaps switch (i.e. flaps switch = channel 6)
Safe mode selection = to your "gear" switch on the upper left hand side (i.e. gear switch = channel 5)

Hope that helps.