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DX4e and Flip 1.5 MWC?

I am helping a friend of mine build a quad copter and he is trying to stay on a low budget. He wants to use the flip 1.5 flight control board. I have a dx4e sitting around that I am never going to use again that I said he could use. Will they work together? I know that in the set-up process you have to adjust the endpoints, but obviously you cannot do this on the dx4e.

If anyone has any answers, it would be much appreciated!


Ebil Filleh Pega-Bat ^.^
You might be able to get away with it... you don't HAVE to adjust the end point adjustments for example to arm the controller as you can assign another channel in the program for this, and if you're never going to leave the centre 1/3rd, then what difference does it make where the ends are? As long as the centre is in the centre... The DX4e has 6 channels really, as the aux and the trainer buttons act as channels 5 and 6, so if you change the trainer button for a switch so you don't have to have it pressed all the time, you can use one of those for flight mode and the other for arming if you can't get it done with "throttle down and to the right".

You can try, you won't loose anything for trying.


Senior Member
I was using a DX4e with a Naze32 when I first started flying and it worked out just fine. I had to flip the switch on the transmitter to hi and adjust all of the min/max commands on the Naze. I know this isn't the Flip 1.5, but it should be a similar process to get it to work.
Thanks for the responses guys! I appreciate it. Epitaph, do you have any suggestions on how to swap the button out for a switch?


Senior Member
Open up the radio, take out and solder of the push button. Get a switch from your local electronics store and solder that in instead. Se pics




Ebil Filleh Pega-Bat ^.^
Helinor put it perfectly. It's really simple to do, just take your time if you're not used to it, as you can see in the photo you just solder one cable to the centre pin and the other cable to one of the outside pins, and it doesn't matter what order you put them in.

THe switch you can get from any electronics place, even from Banggood, and they are really cheap. But py fitting this, giving you a fully controllable channel on the top will open up a world of posibilities!!

And don't forget you have the AUX switch on the front face too which is also a channel!!

Have fun, nd you know where we are should you encounter any problems, keep up appraised of how it goes!!