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  1. D

    Help! Can You Use EDFs for the Master Series A-10?

    Hi, I am a relatively new flyer and builder, and I'm looking to build the A-10 Master Series (already built a Master Series Corsair). I bought the A-10 kit thinking that it used EDFs, but just found out it is powered with props. Is it possible for me to use EDFs for it? If so, what size/kind...
  2. TheDeathlyBro

    3D Printable F-100A Super Sabre EDF Jet!

    Hey guys, this is my first post here. I have started to design an F-100A which is 3d printable and will be powered by a 50mm edf!
  3. F-16-Deadpool-Completed-4.png


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  7. Grifflyer

    Plane L-39 50mm EDF 2.1

    This is a fast, fun flying 50mm EDF jet! It's a basic build without a ton of parts, it's got a basic control setup of throttle, elevator, and ailerons to keep things simple. Just build one already :D Speed- Top speed is great and slows down very well for landing. I was able to clock V1 doing 64...
  8. Grifflyer

    Plane Grunjet 50mm EDF jet! 2

    The Grunjet is a two sheet foamboard jet that flies fast and sporty, can slow down to a crawl for landings, and is packed with amazing vertical performance. All only costing less $80 to build from the ground up! With this plane you have the option of building it with a V tail or a standard tail...
  9. Flitedesign 3d

    Plane Mirage 2000 64mm EDF Jet 1.0

    A collaboration between Captain Jay and myself. 3 sheets of foam that molds together to a fast jet. Flight video:
  10. Ranger_107

    Zephyr1's 50mm F-86 Sabre 125%

    @Zephyr1 designed this F-86 Sabre that runs off a 50mm EDF. The original build has a 32-inch wingspan and is 28 inches long. Scaled up its should be a 40-inch wingspan and is 35 inches long. I plan to run it off a 70mm BDF style ducted fan. I plan to run it of a 4s 2200mAh lipo or a 5s 3000mAh...
  11. FPVAirCombat

    FPV from EDF Jet

    Friends in our club field has been nudging me toward flying EDF jets. I gave in. With the faster speeds, latency becomes an issue- 0.4 seconds can be the difference Between hitting the ground on landing or not. So I had to upgrade from RE to new DJI FPV system. So I put it on an old jet and...
  12. F-14 Tomcat preview 19.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 19.PNG

  13. F-14 Tomcat preview 17.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 17.PNG

  14. F-14 Tomcat preview 16.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 16.PNG

  15. F-14 Tomcat preview 14.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 14.PNG

  16. F-14 Tomcat preview 13.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 13.PNG

  17. F-14 Tomcat preview 12.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 12.PNG

  18. F-14 Tomcat preview 11.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 11.PNG

  19. F-14 Tomcat preview 8.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 8.PNG

    Wingbox design and new John Overstreet styled fuselage nose
  20. F-14 Tomcat preview 6.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 6.PNG