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edf jet

  1. F-16-Deadpool-Completed-4.png


  2. F-16-Deadpool-Completed-3.png


  3. F-16-Deadpool-Completed-2.png


  4. F-16-Deadpool-Completed-1.png


  5. Grifflyer

    Plane L-39 50mm EDF 2.1

    This is a fast, fun flying 50mm EDF jet! It's a basic build without a ton of parts, it's got a basic control setup of throttle, elevator, and ailerons to keep things simple. Just build one already :D Speed- Top speed is great and slows down very well for landing. I was able to clock V1 doing 64...
  6. Grifflyer

    Plane Grunjet 50mm EDF jet! 2

    The Grunjet is a two sheet foamboard jet that flies fast and sporty, can slow down to a crawl for landings, and is packed with amazing vertical performance. All only costing less $80 to build from the ground up! With this plane you have the option of building it with a V tail or a standard tail...
  7. Flitedesign 3d

    Plane Mirage 2000 64mm EDF Jet 1.0

    A collaboration between Captain Jay and myself. 3 sheets of foam that molds together to a fast jet. Flight video:
  8. Ranger_107

    Zephyr1's 50mm F-86 Sabre 125%

    @Zephyr1 designed this F-86 Sabre that runs off a 50mm EDF. The original build has a 32-inch wingspan and is 28 inches long. Scaled up its should be a 40-inch wingspan and is 35 inches long. I plan to run it off a 70mm BDF style ducted fan. I plan to run it of a 4s 2200mAh lipo or a 5s 3000mAh...
  9. FPVAirCombat

    FPV from EDF Jet

    Friends in our club field has been nudging me toward flying EDF jets. I gave in. With the faster speeds, latency becomes an issue- 0.4 seconds can be the difference Between hitting the ground on landing or not. So I had to upgrade from RE to new DJI FPV system. So I put it on an old jet and...
  10. F-14 Tomcat preview 19.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 19.PNG

  11. F-14 Tomcat preview 17.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 17.PNG

  12. F-14 Tomcat preview 16.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 16.PNG

  13. F-14 Tomcat preview 14.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 14.PNG

  14. F-14 Tomcat preview 13.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 13.PNG

  15. F-14 Tomcat preview 12.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 12.PNG

  16. F-14 Tomcat preview 11.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 11.PNG

  17. F-14 Tomcat preview 8.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 8.PNG

    Wingbox design and new John Overstreet styled fuselage nose
  18. F-14 Tomcat preview 6.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 6.PNG

  19. F-14 Tomcat preview 4.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 4.PNG

  20. F-14 Tomcat preview 3.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 3.PNG

    Wing sweeps 47 degrees, designing the wingbox gives some trouble, it has to be extremely strong since the wings are attached to one hinge point only. It must also be designed from plywood so it can be lasercut.