L-39 50mm EDF

Plane L-39 50mm EDF 2.1

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This is a fast, fun flying 50mm EDF jet! It's a basic build without a ton of parts, it's got a basic control setup of throttle, elevator, and ailerons to keep things simple. Just build one already :D

Top speed is great and slows down very well for landing. I was able to clock V1 doing 64 mph at Flite Fest and V2 definitely feels a tad faster, so I'll say it is the realm of around the 70 mph.

The L-39 tracks like an arrow and the controls are very smooth giving you the ability to fly like a pattern ship, but it can become "snappy" and abrupt when you really start banging the sticks around.

If your plane stalls it will likely drop a wing but it is nowhere near entering a spin, all you have to do is level the wings and then power out.

Since the plane lacks a rudder the aerobatic ability is limited to the basics such as, Loops, Rolls, Inverted, Split S's etc.

Take offs-
I like launching this plane by holding it right in front of the wing and giving it a really strong toss, you really need to give this bird a solid toss or else it won't have enough airspeed to sustain flight.

Landing this model is quite simple all you need to do is bleed almost all your airspeed and get it close enough to good 'ol terra firma to put ground effect to work, then right before to hid land, flare the plane and you'll "ride" a cushion of air to the ground.

Skill level-
I'd want to wait until I've flown at least one unforgiving plane that flies quite fast and taught you how to avoid stalling.
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Awesome build and is a beautiful plane.
Just love this model. I get a solid 3 minutes on a 4D 1300 lipo with easily a minute+ spare for a go-around on landing. The FMS 50mm EDF I use has a super whoosh sound. I spent some time on finishing the plane which I'm certain has added a bit of weight but it handles it like a champ
An excellent ~50mm EDF jet. Although it takes some patience to get everything setup right, and the extra curves mean more patience during the build process, the plane goes together well and is easy to rebuild and repair too!
awesome design, highly reccomended