Need recommendations please!!!


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Hey what’s going on guys. I’m fairly new to the hobby. Loving it so far, started with the carbon cub s+ and just bought an eflite commander mpd the other day. Took the commander out for the maiden, and the right aileron Servo failed. Got it to the ground and landed decent. But does anyone have any ideas on what servos would be good. I’ve had nothing but issues with the eflite 9g servos.


As for e-flite, I'm not sure their servos are really much different than anything else. I would opt for a different style rather than brand. I have had some nylon geared servos that got a little jumpy in their response, so not great.

I have had good experiences with the SG92r servos with carbon fiber gears. I have also not had any problems with MG90s metal geared servos.