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Pumpkin drop event


  1. jhitesma

    EMAX Nighthawk Pro 280 ARF

    Last year I was given an emax 250 before they were even publicizing it as the nighthawk. Unfortunately the place that provided me with that quad is no longer doing business, but I've had a lot of fun with it. The main reason it was given to me was so I could assist people with getting GPS...
  2. A

    Emax SImonK ESC

    Hey guys, I recently purchased an EMAX 12A ESC for my FT Mini Scout and can't get it working. I previously had a Turnigy plush 12A which worked just fine but I destroyed it one day by shorting it... The problem with the new ESC is that, when connecting the battery I don't get the usual series...
  3. T

    Is this mini speedster Under Powered ??

    Hi All, I had build a mini speedster from scratch, build was fine, i can see that when i toss the plane it glides bit smooth. But not able to keep it up in air. I am using 2S 500maH, Emax 1806 2380Kv 5030 prop and 3.7g servos. What you guys flying with?
  4. C

    Electrohub build [Naze32 and FT's power kit] wobbles on take off.

    Heya, so I've been flying prebuilts for a while and they were a lot of fun. So I thought I'd take a cheap nose dive into building my own. I purchased the Electrohub, the naze32 acro board, and the power pack that was suggested for it. Figured if I wanted to delve deeper, I'd do that on my next...

    3D printed quad build with new EMax polymer motors

    So hobbyking started selling some new EMax polymer motors that were so inexpensive I had to give them a try. In order to get the most performance out of these motors as possible I decided to design the smallest, lightest quad I could. I included 10 degrees of dihedral since that's a new trend...
  6. P

    Emax brushless motor issues

    Hey guys, I really need someone's help on this... I've just received new Emax brushless motors from Banggood and one isn't working as it should be. Most of the time, it oscillates and doesn't spins properly. However, it works fine without the prop, but as soon as I screw the prop on and I...